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Běžecký pás TechnoGym SkillMill Go

Unique manual treadmill for workout, dynamic training, agility, strength and endurance, highest quality, no control panel.

Unique manual treadmill for workout, dynamic training, agility, strength and endurance, highest quality, no control panel.

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Běžecký pás TechnoGym SkillMill Go

Treadmill TechnoGym SkillMill Go is a top-quality professional manual treadmill that is distinguished by its unique features. TechnoGym developed this treadmill in cooperation with Olympic athletes who together participated in six Olympic games. Thanks to this, the treadmill is tuned to the smallest detail to make your training maximally efficient. SkillMill Go is incredibly robust – it weighs 180 kg and is almost 2 meters long. The large 168 x 48 cm running deck is not made of a classic belt, but of separate plates. These plates make up completely unique, yet very natural running surface. Treadmill TechnoGym SkillMill Go has large dual handlebars that allow you support either hands or shoulders. At the rear end of the treadmill, there is a resistance band attached for further exercises. The treadmill has 11 resistance levels in total. The resistance levels are further divided into groups according to difficulty – low, intermediate, high, maximum and no resistance. On the treadmill, you can train resistance pulls, classic run, simulated walk uphill, pushing weight in front of you and running sideways while interchanging legs. Of course, the treadmill is also equipped with a bottle holder and tablet or phone holder 7.8 cm wide.

Treadmill TechnoGym SkillMill Go doesn’t have a control panel, that’s why we recommend you train with a running watch.

Technical description:

  • unique manual treadmill developed in cooperation with Olympic athletes
  • very robust frame
  • running deck made of plates
  • two big support handles
  • 11 resistance levels (0 no resistance, 1-3 low resistance, 4-6 intermediate resistance, 7-9 high resistance, 10 maximum resistance)
  • unlimited maximum and minimum speed
  • bottle holder
  • phone or tablet holder 7.8 cm wide
  • transport wheels for easy manipulation
  • resistance band attach to the rear part
  • user height: 150-210 cm
  • running deck material: plates from EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene)
  • running deck dimensions: 168 x 48 cm
  • treadmill dimensions: l190 xc w89 x h154 cm
  • weight: 180 kg
  • weight limit: 180 kg
  • suitable for commercial, club and home use

Exercises available with SkillMill Go:

  • classic running
  • sprint
  • simulating pulling weights from behind
  • simulating pushing weights in front of you
  • side run while interchanging legs

You can watch these exercises performed in this promo video.

Běžecký pás TechnoGym SkillMill Go - Product parameters

Weight limit
180 kg
Motor output
Not motorized
Deck inclination
no inclination
Maximum elevation
Not stated
Running deck length
168 cm
Running deck width
48 cm
Minimum speed
Manually controlled
Maximum speed
Manually controlled
Total number of programs
Number of Preset Programs
User programs
HRC program
Manual mode
Heart rate frequency sensor
Bottle holder
Tablet holder
Transport wheels
System for adjusting to uneven surface
Safety key
Chest strap receiver
Chest strap included
Audio jack
Folding frame
Height when unfolded
154 cm
Width when unfolded
89 cm
Length when unfolded
190 cm
Treadmill type
Without motor
180 kg
Power Source
Intended use
commercial, club, home

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Běžecký pás TechnoGym SkillMill Go - video

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