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inCondi - Cardio Trainer Series

Everyone is familiar with classic cardio trainers, such as elliptical trainers, treadmills, rowing machines or exercise bikes. We, however, introduce new revolutionary models that will significantly change your training experience. We present the inCondi series!

 What is an inCondi trainer?

Products labelled as inCondi are cardio trainers that can be connected to your smartphone or tablet*. The trainer and smart device are paired via Bluetooth receiver inbuilt in the control panel of every inCondi model. Once the connection is established, all you need to do is download a corresponding app (iRunning+ or iConsole+) and start exercising. Thanks to these unique apps, your training will take on another dimension.

 Main advantages of the inCondi technology

Aside from standard functions, such as resistance profiles and manual modes, you can plan out a real-life route for yourself via Google Maps. As such, you can virtually run in the Alps, through the streets of Paris or other interesting places in the world. The resistance automatically adjusts to simulate the elevation profile of the route you pick. This makes the experience even more realistic. While exercising, you can switch between three types of maps, including the Google Street View. You’ll be able to discover the world from the comfort of your home and keep fit at the same time.

                              (classic map)                                                                      (satelite map)                                                            (shots from Google Street View)

While exercising, all necessary information will be displayed on the control panel, including speed, distance, elevation difference or the time spent exercising. You can save your favourite tracks and have the setting ready for your next training session. After you finish, exercise statistics will be displayed and automatically saved. That means you can monitor and compare your training data, or share them on social media

You can download the app for Apple iOS and for Android for free.

 Other smart inCondi functions

All inCondi trainers offer plenty of other functions. The most important is the HRC program (Heart Rate Control) that automatically adjusts resistance according to your heart rate frequency. If you manage to keep your heart rate in the optimal frequency, your training will be much more effective. Another useful program is the Body Fat Test that can measure the amount of fat in your body (BMI). This way, you can compare not only statistics, but also the changes in your body. Of course, standard preset and user programs are included as well. 
Note: other apps used with some inCondi series models may differ in functionality.



*iRunning+ App Requirements *iConsole+ App Requirements
Tablet with Android: resolution 1280*752 and higher (10" and larger), Android 4.0 and newer, Bluetooth Tablet with Android: resolution 1280*800 and higher, Android 4.0 and newer, Bluetooth
Tablet with iOS: iOS 5.0 and newer, all iPad models, Bluetooth Tablet with iOS: iOS 5.0 and newer, all iPad models, Bluetooth 
Smartphone with Android: - Telefon with Android: resolution 800*480, 1280*800, 1280*760, 1920*1080 and higher, Android 2.2 and newer, Bluetooth
Smartphone with iOS: - Telefon with iOS: iOS 5.0 and newer, iPhone 3GS and newer, Bluetooth
Wi-Fi internet connection recommended Wi-Fi internet connection recommended

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