Basketball Hoops Spartan

Basketball is one of the most popular ball games. Here you can pick out a quality basketball hoop – either one that is attached to a wall, or a free-standing one. Any sports enthusiast will surely choose from our wide selection.

SPARTAN San Francisco Basketball Basket
134,20 € (17%) 111,20 
In Stock
Hanging basket with possibility of mounting on wall or gate, for recreational use. Buy
SPARTAN Basket-Ring with Mesh Net
30,40 € (38%) 18,80 
In Stock
Basket ring with mesh net can be mounted onto the wall. Buy
Basketball Hoop with Stand Spartan Pro
In Stock
Basketball hoop with stand and large base, wheels for easy handling, suitable for … Buy
Basketball Hoop with Backboard Spartan
53,50 € (22%) 41,90 
On the way
Hoop with net and backboard, can be attached to wall, gate, door, official size. Buy
Spring Loaded Basketball Hoop Spartan
On the way
Basketball hoop with net, can be attached to wall or gate, durable, steel rim, … Buy