Basketball has become a very popular sport lately. That’s why we offer you several wall and free-standing basketball hoops. You can also choose from a number of ball types.

Basketball Hoop w/ Backboard inSPORTline Utah
246,60 € (13%) 213,70 
In Stock
Sturdy wall-mounted basketball backboard, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, … Buy
Hand Pump Spartan Double Aktion
In Stock
Lightweight and effective air needle pump that pumps in both directions – air … Buy
Spartan Chicago Baskeball Stand
In Stock
Baskeball stand with easily adjustable height. Buy
Floor basket Junior Spartan
76,50 € (5%) 72,70 
In Stock
Basketball with stand for younger athletes, with a ball and pump for inflating. Buy
Basketball Hoop with Stand Spartan Pro
In Stock
Basketball hoop with stand and large base, wheels for easy handling, suitable for … Buy
Children’s Basketball inSPORTline Giraffe
81,90 € (15%) 69,60 
In Stock
Low-height basketball for the smallest ones, for both playground and children’s … Buy
SPARTAN San Francisco Basketball Basket
134,20 € (17%) 111,20 
In Stock
Hanging basket with possibility of mounting on wall or gate, for recreational use. Buy
SPARTAN Basket-Ring with Mesh Net
30,40 € (31%) 21,10 
In Stock
Basket ring with mesh net can be mounted onto the wall. Buy
Basketball Hoop with Backboard Spartan
53,50 € (14%) 45,80 
In Stock
Hoop with net and backboard, can be attached to wall, gate, door, official size. Buy
Spring Loaded Basketball Hoop Spartan
In Stock
Basketball hoop with net, can be attached to wall or gate, durable, steel rim, … Buy
Basketball Ball SPARTAN Florida
7,70 € (5%) 7,30 
In Stock
FLORIDA basketball ball Buy
Basketball Ball SPARTAN Game Master
18,80 € (20%) 15 
In Stock
Basketball Buy
Basketball Ball inSPORTline Jordy
18,10 € (16%) 15,20 
In Stock
Basketball ball for male match, good grip, suitable for various surfaces, perfect … Buy
Whistle for sporting purposes Thunderer 63 Profi
8,60 € (15%) 7,30 
In Stock
Whistle for sporting purposes Buy
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Spartan Net for 12 Balls Spartan Ball Bag
20 € (6%) 18,80 
In Stock
Bag to carry balls, suitable for group training or matches, straps for easy … Buy
Metal Whistle inSPORTline WH162
5,30 € (30%) 3,70 
In Stock
Hanging loop, lightweight, durable structure, chrome-coated. Buy
Metal Finger Grip Whistle inSPORTline WH175
6,50 € (12%) 5,70 
In Stock
Easy-to-use, extremely lightweight, durable structure, chrome-coated. Buy
Plastic Finger Grip Whistle inSPORTline WH174
2,40 € (17%)
In Stock
Easy-to-use, extremely lightweight, durable structure, wooden pea. Buy
Plastic Whistle inSPORTline WH185 – with Lanyard
6,10 € (33%) 4,10 
In Stock
Easy-to-use, extremely lightweight, durable structure, removable lanyard. Buy
Slalom Pole inSPORTline SL50 50 cm
2,80 € (14%) 2,40 
In Stock
Training slalom pole for improving your fitness and for better motion, both indoor and … Buy