Ball Sports

In this category, we’ve prepared a wide selection of various ball sports equipment. Everyone will be able to choose from our quality and diverse range of products. You won’t regret purchasing products from the WORKER brand.

We also provide accessories and protectors for your maximum safety.

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Basketball Hoop w/ Stand inSPORTline Cleveland Steel
548,70 € (21%) 431,90 
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Elegant adjustable basketball hoop, durable construction, solid steel base, hoop with … Buy
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American Football Ball Spartan - Orange
11,20 € (38%) 6,90 
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American football ball suitable for recreational use, medium size and weight. Buy
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Table Tennis Table inSPORTline Tomball
907,50 € (19%) 734,60 
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Easy-to-use folding mechanism, robust frame, 8 transportation wheels, ITTF dimensions. Buy
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Table Tennis Set inSPORTline Ekiset EK2
23,70 € (9%) 21,60 
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Table tennis set consisting of 4 two-star paddles and 3 one-star balls. Suitable for … Buy
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Table Tennis Paddle inSPORTline Shootfair S6
28,90 € (25%) 21,60 
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Professional paddle, 3-ply wood, 2mm sponge, ITTF-approved rubber. Buy
Table Tennis Table Joola 300 S
In Stock
Easy-to-store ping pong table with top-class surface finish, compact size, suitable … Buy
Basketball Hoop w/ Stand inSPORTline Oakland
388,70 € (11%) 345,50 
In Stock
Portable and adjustable basketball hoop with a reinforced backboard and a fillable … Buy
Trampoline Basketball Hoop inSPORTline Projammer
73,10 € (18%) 60,10 
In Stock
Amazing basketball hoop that will make you enjoy your time on a trampoline even more. Buy
Basketball Hoop w/ Stand inSPORTline Baltimore
302,20 € (14%) 259 
In Stock
Telescopic basketball hoop that can withstand heavy use and any weather conditions, … Buy
Portable Basketball System inSPORTline Portland
1 945,20 € (11%) 1 729 
In Stock
Robust portable basketball system ideal for multi-purpose fields, stadiums and … Buy
Children’s Basketball Hoop & Soccer Goal 5-in-1 inSPORTline Boguino
In Stock
Multi-purpose basketball stand with a soccer goal and other uses suitable for children … Buy
Badminton Set Wilson Junior Kit – 2 Racquets
In Stock
Suitable for beginners, this set consists of 2 smaller racquets, match and practice … Buy
Badminton Set Wilson Minions – 2 Racquets
In Stock
Playful set in a Minions design suitable for both children and adults! Set includes 2 … Buy
Badminton Set Wilson – 4 Racquets + Net
61,50 € (5%) 58,40 
In Stock
Badminton set consisting of 4 racquets, 3 shuttlecocks and a net, comes in a practical … Buy
Baseball Brett Hard 9”
In Stock
Baseball suitable for both beginners and advanced players, PVC surface, rubber-cork … Buy
Putting Mat inSPORTline Teramar
90,40 € (14%) 77,40 
In Stock
Long putting mat with distance markers and alignment indicators that allows you to … Buy
SPARTAN Trophy Football Ball
In Stock
Football SPARTAN intended for training. Buy
Football Ball SPARTAN Brasil Cordlay
In Stock
Football SPARTAN intended for training. Buy
SPARTAN Club Junior Football Ball
In Stock
Club Junior football ball, size 4 Buy
SPARTAN Exclusive Football Ball
30,40 € (13%) 26,50 
In Stock
SPARTAN match ball Buy