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Why Shop on inSPORTline.eu?

We are a manufacturer

The priority of our company is to manufacture and sell products of our own brand. It is our goal to provide not only high-quality products, but a good customer service as well. That’s why along with our products we offer prolonged warranties, professional servicing, loyalty discounts and many other perks. We aim to satisfy our customers and try to meet all their needs.

Extended 10-year warranty on fitness trainers and bicycles (valid from 13th March 2017)

We offer an extended 10-year warranty for selected products (fitness trainers) with a purchase price over 150 €. The only reason we can afford to do so, is because we are so sure of our products’ quality! We also provide an extended 10-year warranty for Kellys, 4EVER, Devron, DHS and Kreative bicycles, as well as all e-bikes. You can rely on our products. (The 10-year warranty covers only the trainer/bicycle frame.)

Extended 5-year warranty on scooter frames (valid from 13th March 2017)

Are you afraid that your scooter will not last for a longer period of time? You don’t have to be. We offer an extended 5-year warranty on selected scooters with a fixed frame. We are sure of the quality of our scooters.

Product quality

Our products’ safety and quality has been tested by thousands of our customers, not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the many European countries our products are sold in. What’s more, our products are certified according to the highest European standards, which means you can be sure of their safety and quality.

Quick delivery

Quick delivery is important to us. Even outside the Czech Republic, we try to deliver the goods as soon as possible. Focus on your purchase and do not worry about the delivery. As soon as we receive your payment, we’ll dispatch your order.

Free assembly and servicing

If you purchase a selected fitness trainer over 1,110 €, we will assemble and tune it up for you for free. Our professional technicians will then proceed to instruct you on the trainer’s functions and maintenance, to ensure you will use it to its full capacity, for as long a time as possible.

*This service is provided only for customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Professional assembly recommended

As mentioned above, for selected products under 1,110 € we offer assembly at your home for a supplementary charge. There are three categories of such an assembly, depending on time needed and technical difficulty. After you order an assembly, you will be then contacted by one of our qualified technicians via a phone. They will then carry out the assembly at an agreed upon time.

 *This service is provided only for customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Servicing at your home

Servicing at your home is one of our favourite provided services. In case of a malfunction, you don’t have to arduously take your product apart, pack it and then send it to us. Our professional technicians will go directly to you and all repairs will be carried out there. We have 36 servicing stations all over the Czech Republic, that’s why we are able to settle your reclamation claims quickly, effectively and professionally.

*This service is provided only for customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Professional bicycle servicing -  99% assembled

In 99% of cases, our bicycles come pre-assembled. All that’s left to do is install the pedals, turn the handlebars, tighten a few screws and you are ready to go. However, if you wish for your bicycle to arrive completely assembled and ready for use, just write it as a note when you are placing your order (you must go to the shopping cart).  

Free size exchange

Are you afraid you may pick the wrong size of your skates or helmet? Don’t be. Send your purchased goods back to us within a 30-day period and we will send you the correct size for free (this can only be done once). The goods must be returned in original packaging, undamaged and with no visible marks of usage. Read more in our business terms and conditions.

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