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How to Choose a Treadmill?

Treadmill is a popular fitness equipment that simulates the body’s natural movement – running and walking. It allows you to burn more calories than any other trainer and it helps you to strengthen your heart as well. It will be a great help to you if you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass.

The main advantage of a treadmill is that you can exercise in the comfort of your home, regardless of the weather outside, even in winter. The functions can be freely adjusted, all important data are measured and updated. Here’s a tip directly from one of our customers: “If we don’t manage to make the recommended 10 000 steps a day, we turn on the treadmill and the TV and walk.”

Modern treadmills have an electromotor and electronic inclination adjustment (from 0% to 20%). The range of speed is somewhere between 0,8 and 25 km/h.

General recommendations when choosing a treadmill

If you want to pick a treadmill that will ideally suit your needs, consider who is going to use it and how often. Is the treadmill meant for a recreational user, more people or a professional athlete?

Choose a treadmill type

  • Motorized treadmill – Powered by an electromotor with 1.5 – 5 HP output. It ensures comfortable and effective training. The speed and inclination of the running deck can be adjusted with precision.
  • Non-motorized treadmill – A cheaper and slower variant for less demanding users. Running is based on mechanical movement. You can adjust resistance and inclination. There is a magnetic brake.

Take into account the weight and height of the user (follow the recommended capacity values of the treadmill). Only seek the best-quality products if you plan to exercise intensely.

While considering particular treadmills, make sure to compare their width, suspension level, power and running deck material.

Treadmills according to use:

  • Home treadmills – suitable for your home gym or a living room, less expensive, easy to store, quiet, perfect for weight reduction and better physical fitness of your entire family
  • Club treadmills – suitable for club and hotel gyms, many functions, higher quality and also higher price
  • Professional treadmills – suitable for commercial gyms and fitness centres, meeting the highest European standards, extended warranty

Connect your treadmill with a tablet and have fun while running!

There are also special treadmills that simulate walking uphill or Nordic hiking, smaller treadmills for women or junior users or models that can be connected to a tablet so that you can virtually run through fascinating places all over the world. The 4in1 treadmill includes a twister, vibration massage belt and grips for push-ups.

What parameters to consider when choosing a treadmill?

  • Frame – Recommended capacity (weight and height of the user), design, ergonomic attributes. The maximum weight limit should always be a bit higher than the actual weight of the heaviest user (i.e. if you weight 80 kg, buy a treadmill with the weight limit of 110 kg, not the other way around).
  • Running deck – Dimensions (width and length), inclination adjustment range (running on even ground or uphill), suspension (the more sophisticated system, the more relief to your joints). Treadmills with a narrower and shorter running deck are used more for walking and slower running. If you want to be able to run comfortably and fast, it is recommended to buy a treadmill with the width of the running deck over 46 cm.
  • Motor – Steady output (1.5 – 5 HP), top-quality output (maximum short-term load), minimum and maximum speed (0.8 – 25 km/h), smooth output regulation. If the user is heavier or if you require a higher speed, select a treadmill with more powerful motor. In fact, powerful motors are actually less noisy.
  • Computer and heart rate frequency measurement – All treadmills measure speed, distance and the elapsed time. Some also measure your heart rate frequency, burned calories and fat percentage. Pre-set programmes are a basic function and these days, so is connecting the treadmill with a tablet.

What else to consider when choosing a treadmill?

  • Storage – Easily foldable running deck, transport wheels
  • Other functions – Professional treadmills allow you to connect with a chest strap and adjust the speed to your heart rate frequency or to set the resistance profile of your exercise. There might also be slots for an audio cable or loudspeakers, inbuilt fan and other clever features.
  • Minimizing noise levels, keys on handlebars, safety details – The technicians design the machines to provide comfort to the user and their surroundings.

Comparison of inSPORTline treadmills

5 tips how to choose treadmill

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