inCondi Treadmills

The newest inCondi treadmills are not only stylish and superbly made, they also make use of modern technologies. Thanks to tablets and apps for the Android and iOS operating systems, you can transport yourself into world's capitals or high mountain areas while training.

Pick from revolutionary inCondi fitness trainers from Czech brand inSPORTline and gain a new treadmill for your gym.

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Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T400i
1 754,60 € (13%) 1 529,60 
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Sturdy treadmill that can be connected to a tablet, sizable running deck, HRC program, … Buy
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Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T50i
1 552,10 € (19%) 1 259,60 
In Stock
Perfectly suspended home treadmill that you connect with your tablet or mobile! Enjoy … Buy
Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T70i II
  1 619,60 
In Stock
Wi-Fi connection, internal data storage, can be connected to tablet, large running … Buy
Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T30i
  1 124,60 
In Stock
Compact home treadmill, folding frame, outstanding suspension, syncs with smart … Buy
Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T45i
  1 259,60 
In Stock
Reliable home treadmill with outstanding suspension, folding frame and top-class … Buy
Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T420i
  2 024,60 
In Stock
Smart home treadmill, Wi-Fi, compatible with smart training apps, Netflix, Spotify, … Buy
Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T5000+
  3 284,60 
In Stock
Interactive treadmill for a more relaxed workout perfect for those recovering from … Buy
Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T20i
In Stock
Easy-to-store treadmill with a number of cool features and latest technologies! … Buy