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inSPORTline VibroGym Vibration Julita

Vertical, 3D vibrations, combination of vertical and 3D vibration, 2 engines, power 500 W, load capacity 160 kg, preset programs, steel construction, heart rate sensors in handles.

Vertical, 3D vibrations, combination of vertical and 3D vibration, 2 engines, power 500 W, load capacity 160 kg, preset programs, steel construction, heart rate sensors in handles.

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inSPORTline VibroGym Vibration Julita

Vibration machine inSPORTline Julita is ideal helper for shaping, improving joint mobility, muscle tension reduction, relaxation or stress relief. Vibration machine inSPORTline Julita works on the principle of effective vibrations that cause reflexive muscle contractions, thus strengthening them intensively. Vibrations also penetrate deep into the muscles, making even simple exercise maximally efficient. Just a few minutes of standing with knees slightly bent and the results will occur in a few days. Vibration machine inSPORTline Julita offers 3 types of vibrations (vertical, 3D vibration and a combination of vertical and 3D vibration at the same time), two powerful engines with a total output of 800W, several preset programs, but also allows you to set different vibration intensity or its duration. Other highlights include heart rate sensors in the handles, rubber Vibration board, load capacity 160 kg, non-slip feet or elegant metal body. Thanks to these excellent properties the Vibration machine inSPORTline Julita became very popular for both domestic and for a club use.


Technical description:

  • 3 types of vibrations: vertical, 3D vibration, a combination of vertical and 3D vibration
  • number of engines: 2
  • motor power: 500W (vertical vibration), 300W (3D vibration)
  • vibration frequency: 5 - 14 Hz (vertical vibration), 15 - 40 Hz (3D vibration)
  • amplitude: 0 - 10 mm (vertical vibration), 0 - 2 (3D vibration)
  • LCD display
  • computer displays: type of vibration, speed, program, heart rate
  • 3 preset programs
  • 60 degrees of vibration settings
  • heart rate sensors in handles
  • steel construction
  • rubber non-slip layer on the surface
  • vibrating surface dimensions: 68 x 51 cm
  • dimensions: length 68 cm x width 69 cm x height 134 cm
  • load capacity: 160 kg
  • weight: 57 kg
  • SC category (according to EN957 standard) for home and club use


Main advantages:

  • vibrations increase the exercise efficiency by up to three times
  • it is instrumental in rapid recovery and regeneration after physical strain, sport or exercise
  • the machine is particularly suitable as an initial or final phase of training for runners, inline skaters, cyclists, skiers, ...
  • can be used as an aid in the treatment of rheumatism and other diseases of bones and joints (only after consultation with your doctor)
  • improves blood circulation
  • it is effective in the treatment of pain and stiffness in joints and muscles
  • improves balance and coordination
  • effective in the struggle against cellulite
  • fights stress and depression
  • enhances the production of growth hormone


By exercise on a vibration machine you strengthen these body parts:



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Recommended by Petr Kopriva – the InSPORTline Coach
Reflexive muscle contractions on VibroGym promotes blood circulation and muscle functioning. Exercise is therefore more intense than a normal workout. After many years of experience in triathlon I recommend regular and effective exercise.

inSPORTline VibroGym Vibration Julita - Documents to download

pdf Manual
pdf Brochure
pdf Manual

inSPORTline VibroGym Vibration Julita - Product parameters

Vibrating area size
68 x 51 cm
Weight limit (kg)
160 kg
Vibration frequency
5 - 40
Vibration type
3D, Vertical, Combined
Number of vibration speeds
Number of programs
Floor disparity control
Arm booster
Set up dimensions
68 x 69 x 134
57 kg
Usage category
Home / club use

inSPORTline VibroGym Vibration Julita - video

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