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How to Choose a Vibration Machine?

How to correctly choose a vibration machine?

When you are choosing a vibration machine (vibration deck, vibrogym), the most important criteria are:

  • vibration system
  • weight limit
  • price dependent on the above features

The vibrations can be horizontal, vertical or combined, if you have a two-motor machine.

Home vibration machines

For training at home, a one-motor vibration machine with 200 – 350 W output and 120 kg weight limit will suffice.

Home use vibration machines usually have a motor with 200 – 350 W output. We distinguish two basic types of vibrations: vertical and 3D. Vertical vibration works on the so-called swing principle, so the sides move up and down. Vibration, referred to as 3D, is a combination of several vibration directions that create a 3D effect, the board does not shake but vibrates completely. We can also encounter combined vibration, which is composed of 3D and vertical vibrations. As a result, the surface vibrates with 3D vibrations. Ideal choice are machines that offer a choice of several vibrations.

Individual machines have different vibration frequencies (number of vibrations per second) and amplitude (the rate of deviation of the vibration deck). The usual vibration range is 1 – 40 Hz with 1 – 5 mm amplitude. The more expensive machines have a wider range of values.

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Vibration machines for fitness and wellness centres

For more demanding customers and commercial centres we recommend two-motor vibration machines with a double vibration system and maximum weight limit of 150 kg.

The more efficient vibration machines usually have two motors. One of them powers horizontal vibrations, the other vertical vibrations. In most cases, the vertical and horizontal vibrations can be used both simultaneously and separately.

Vibration machines usually have a computer with a number of pre-set programs, including manual control. There can also be heart rate frequency monitoring function or fat percentage measurement, as well as a number of other additional functions.

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Easy maintenance and operations

Vibration machines are easy to care for and their operation is not expensive. The energy requirements are similar to a TV and using them is as easy as operating a washing machine.

We believe our short guide will help you choose the right vibration machine!

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