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Yoga Roller inSPORTline Pressori

Helps relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation, reduce cellulite, easy to clean. more

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The Yoga Roller inSPORTline Pressori allows you to massage your muscles using your own body weight. Its protrusions stimulate blood flow and help reduce cellulite. By massaging and relieving muscles, it helps users achieve positions they otherwise would be unable to. What’s more, this roller can also be used to promote muscle recovery after a workout or to stretch your muscles during a warm-up. The comfortable surface of the roller is moisture-resistant, which also makes it easy to clean.

Thanks to the Yoga Roller inSPORTline Pressori, your body will be stronger and more flexible. It’s a great accessory for those who practice yoga, regardless of their age, as it helps improve balance and coordination. What’s more, when used regularly, it can also help mitigate back and joint pain.

Technical description:

  • Yoga roller with massaging protrusions
  • Durable inner reinforcement with a high load capacity
  • Comfortable, smooth surface material
  • Easy to clean
  • Hardness: medium to hard
  • Material: EVA, PP
  • Dimensions: 13 x 33 cm
  • Max load capacity: 120 kg
  • Weight: 600 g


Product parameters

Length 33 cm
Diameter 13 cm
Weight (g) 600 g


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