Strength Training

Strength training equipment inSPORTline – choose a trainer subcategory or go directly to the strength machine types: multi-gyms, body-building benches, bars. Strength training equipment also includes trainers – exercise bikes, VibroGyms, elliptical trainers, indoor spinning bikes, rowing machines or steppers.

Strength training equipment inSPORTline is made in high quality and tested to the highest safety standards.

Choose the first category below to find a piece of equipment for strengthening a specific part of your body.

10-year warranty Permanently low price
Back Machine Body-Solid SBK-1600G/2
1 794,90 € (27%) 1 317,20 
In Stock
Commercial piece of training equipment for exercising back muscles, high-quality … Buy
Verticon inSPORTline Club
1 729 € (13%) 1 512,80 
In Stock
Sturdy vertical climber that will adjust to your pace! No electronics; just an intense … Buy
10-year warranty
Verticon inSPORTline Profi
5 187,80 € (18%) 4 236,60 
In Stock
Professional vertical climber with a high weight limit, adjustable resistance and … Buy
Self-Supporting Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline Power Tower PT60
159,50 € (11%) 142,20 
In Stock
Lightweight multi-purpose pull-up bar with a high weight limit and height-adjustable … Buy
10-year warranty
GHYP45 45° Body-Solid Back Hyperextension
423,70 € (39%) 259 
In Stock
45° back hyperextension, ideal for exercises focusing on your abs and back. Buy
10-year warranty
Shoulder Press Machine - Hydraulicline CSP900 - Black
760,50 € (15%) 643,80 
In Stock
Shoulder Press Machine is designed for complex shoulder and arm exercises, 6 … Buy
Inversion Table inSPORTline Verge
202,80 € (11%) 181,20 
In Stock
Light and foldable frame that is easy to carry, suitable for home use, rollers for … Buy
10-year warranty
Standing Pull Down/Rowing Machine Steelflex Plateload Line PLSR - Black-Red
999,60 € (12%) 884,20 
In Stock
High-quality workout machine for strengthening upper body through standing pull downs, … Buy
Inversion Table inSPORTline Inverso Plus
254,70 € (10%) 228,70 
In Stock
Sturdy and stable frame, suitable for heavier users, bar to secure your legs. Buy
Inversion Table inSPORTline Inverso Profi
626,50 € (21%) 496,80 
In Stock
Sturdy and stable frame, suitable for profiessional use, can be used even by heavier … Buy
Inversion Table inSPORTline Inverso Heaty
362,70 € (10%) 328,20 
In Stock
Heating and vibration function, comfortable padding, stable and robust frame and long … Buy
Inversion table inSPORTline Inverso
267,60 € (23%) 207,10 
In Stock
Recovery bench (inverse table, auto-traction chair) for relaxation, relief of muscle … Buy
Inversion Table inSPORTline Inverso Ele
816,70 € (48%) 427,60 
In Stock
Remote control inversion table that can also be used as a workout bench! Relieve and … Buy
Ab Trainer AB Perfect
77,40 € (36%) 49,70 
In Stock
Original massage and training machine for your abs and back from inSPORTline. Buy
Gym Roller Spartan
15 € (11%) 13,40 
In Stock
Machine to trim and tone muscles of all your body parts. Buy
Multi-Purpose Dip Station inSPORTline Power Tower
267,60 € (10%) 241,70 
In Stock
A great combination - a pull-up bar for toning your arms, abs and back, suitable for … Buy
Spartan Push Up Bars
15 € (23%) 11,50 
In Stock
Frames for exercising dips. Buy
Ab Trainer inSPORTline AB Perfect Twist - Red
68,70 € (13%) 60,10 
In Stock
Effectively exercises abs, waist and back muscles, five moving massage rollers with … Buy
10-year warranty
Ab Crunch Machine - Hydraulicline CAB1000 - Black
799,40 € (14%) 691,30 
In Stock
Highly effective ab training without pressure on your spine. Buy
10-year warranty
Rowing Machine inSPORTline Rivu
1 123,70 € (12%) 989,70 
In Stock
Professional rowing machine, long rail, sturdy structure, built-in vent, intuitive … Buy