Body Building Benches

Body-building benches directly from the manufacturers inSPORTline and Body-Solid.

Body-building benches of the highest quality and tested to the highest European standards for home, hotel and public gyms.

Body-building bench is a popular fitness equipment for strengthening your abdomen. You can buy it in several models – classic bench, inclined bench or hyperextension.

Body-building benches are excellent for exercising especially the upper part of your body.

Top selling products

259 € 224,40 €
Workout Bench KLARFIT FIT-HB1
In Stock
Back support can be adjusted to 5 different positions, seat can be adjusted to 3 … Buy
10-year warranty
Multi-Purpose Bench inSPORTline Bastet
In Stock
Bench for chest exercises with a Scott station for isolated biceps exercises and upper … Buy
10-year warranty
Bench GDIB46L Body-Solid
510,20 € (41%) 299 
In Stock
Exclusive multi-purpose bench, Leg Developer for leg curls. Buy
10-year warranty
Flat Bench inSPORTline LKM715
315,20 € (10%) 284,90 
In Stock
Adjustable flat bench, 150 kg weight limit, suitable for 30mm weight plates, rubber … Buy
10-year warranty
Multi-Purpose Dip Station inSPORTline Power Tower X150
267,60 € (11%) 237,40 
In Stock
Can be used as a bench press station, sturdy frame, comfortable padding, anti-slip … Buy
10-year warranty
Multi-Purpose Bench inSPORTline Hero B50
211,40 € (10%) 189,80 
In Stock
Home bench press set with leg extension/curl attachment! Barbell, weight plates and … Buy
10-year warranty
Multi-Purpose Bench inSPORTline Hero B80
388,70 € (11%) 345,50 
In Stock
Home bench press set with bicep curl pad and leg extension/curl attachment! Barbell, … Buy
10-year warranty
Multi-Purpose Bench inSPORTline Hero B130
518,40 € (12%) 457,90 
In Stock
Sturdy home bench press set with leg extension/curl attachment! Adjustable backrest, … Buy
Multi-Purpose Bench inSPORTline Hero B30
345,50 € (13%) 302,20 
In Stock
Great folding bench with a height-adjustable barbell stand. Apart from barbell … Buy
Adjustable Workout Bench inSPORTline Vario
In Stock
Variable Bench for dumbbell training and ab exercises. Buy
Multi-Purpose Bench inSPORTline Profi Sit Up Bench
267,60 € (13%) 233 
In Stock
Multi-purpose adjustable workout bench with an adjustable backrest made of … Buy
Adjustable Workout Bench inSPORTline AB100
In Stock
Workout bench that allows you to adjust the position of both the seat and the … Buy
Adjustable Bench inSPORTline AB055
In Stock
Adjustable bench, weight limit of up to 250 kg, 9 backrest positions, 3 seat … Buy
10-year warranty
Leg Press Machine Steelflex PlateLoad Line PLLP - Black-Red
2 365 € (33%) 1 584,20 
In Stock
Vertically adjustable foot platform angle, high-quality welds, foam grips, solid foam … Buy
Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine Body Craft F660
2 223,10 € (11%) 1 984,30 
In Stock
Professional workout station which offers 3 different exercises, sturdy and stable … Buy
Slanted Workout Bench inSPORTline
In Stock
Classic slanted bench for strengthening your abs.   Buy
Slanted Bench inSPORTline Ab Crunch Bench
185,50 € (33%) 125 
In Stock
Multi-purppose inSPORTline bench for demanding users. Buy
Adjustable Workout Bench inSPORTline Curved
125 € (21%) 99 
In Stock
High-quality padding, sturdy frame, suitable for home use. Buy
Wall Bars Bench inSPORTline Dremar 200 x 36 cm
137,90 € (13%) 120,60 
In Stock
Adjustable bench for wall bars, high-quality beech wood, high weight limit, suitable … Buy
Incline Bench inSPORTline ABD050
73,50 € (12%) 64,40 
In Stock
Easy-to-store bench for strengthening your core (particularly abs). The adjustable … Buy