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How to Choose an Exercise Bike?

An exercise bike is a traditional and time-tested fitness equipment. It helps you strengthen mainly your glutes, thighs and calves. Regular training on an exercise bike will shape your figure, improve your physical fitness and help you lose weight.

You don’t have to go to a gym or a fitness centre – with an exercise bike, you train in the comfort of your home. As one of our customers says: “An exercise bike is a great training device for people with a desk job, as well as the elderly and overweight.” Moms, for example, will also appreciate that they can watch over their children while pedalling.

Basic Tips and Recommendations

  • Before purchase, consider who and how often will use the exercise bike. Is it a recreational sports enthusiast, an older person during rehabilitation, more people (the whole family) or a professional athlete?
  • Also, take into consideration the weight and height of the user (follow the recommended values of the chosen model). For intensive training buy only top-quality products.
  • The quality of the saddle is important as well – focus on its ergonomic attributes and the material.

Choose a type

Pay more for higher quality and more functions

If you are a demanding sports enthusiast, pick a more expensive exercise bike (see our special offers). They are controlled electronically and have heavier flywheel, higher weight limit and come with a chest strap that will help you exercise more effectively.

Connect the exercise bike with a tablet and have fun while pedalling!

The new trend are exercise bikes that can be connected with a tablet or a smartphone. Thanks to these devices, you can virtually cycle through interesting places all around the globe.

There are also the robust horizontal exercise bikes – recumbent exercise bikes. You sit with your back reclined and your legs in front of you. These trainers are suitable for people with back pains, troubles with balance or those who are overweight. There are also 2in1 recumbent exercise bikes that can additionally serve as a rowing machine, mini exercise bikes, folding exercise bikes and high-end exercise bikes.

What Parameters to Consider When Choosing an Exercise Bike?

  • Braking system – the most common braking system is magnetic, which ensures the smooth and quiet running of the exercise bike. Even better is the induction (electromagnetic) braking system.
  • Frame – recommended capacity (weight and height of the user), design and ergonomic attributes. The weight of the user should always be a bit lower than the recommended weight limit.
  • Flywheel – from 4 to 10 kg. The quality and intensity of training depends on the right weight of the flywheel. It ensures smoother running and therefore more effective training.
  • Core assembly of the flywheel – should correspond with the intensity of training. Industrial bearings ensure the smooth and even running of the exercise bike.
  • Saddle – look for anatomically shaped and gel saddles (it’s not true that bigger saddles are more comfortable). Adjustable height is important. The length of most saddles can be adjusted.
  • Handlebars – Adjustable handlebars are a standard feature. Correctly adjusted handlebars are essential for your comfort during training.
  • Pedals – Balanced pedals with adjustable straps for safe and effective training.
  • Computers and heart rate monitors – Nowadays, every exercise bike has at least a simple computer. The computer measures speed, distance travelled and the time of the exercise. Professional exercise bike models offer additional functions, such as heart rate frequency measurement, burned calories count, adjusting the resistance profile of the exercise, etc.

What Else to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Exercise Bike?

  • Quiet running, transport wheels, adjustable footpads to compensate for an uneven floor.
  • Other functions – professional exercise bikes are able to connect to a chest strap and adjust the speed of the exercise according to the user’s heart rate frequency. They also provide training programs, body fat measurement, a test of your physical fitness, sensors inbuilt in the handlebars and other functions to make your exercise more enjoyable.

Choose an exercise bike for your home

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