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What Is an Exercise Bike?

Exercise bikes are one of the most popular home trainers.

Do you want to lose weight, shape your figure or improve your physical fitness, but you don’t want to go to the gym or a fitness centre? Then an exercise bike is the right choice for you! You’ll exercise mainly your glutes, thighs and calves.

What is an exercise bike - basic categories

Exercise bikes - braking systems

  • caliper – this mechanism can be found mainly in bike trainers, not exercise bikes
  • band – one of the simpler braking systems, noisier and with an uneven running
  • magnetic – works on the basis of a magnet approaching the flywheel, ensures smooth running
  • induction – there are no moving parts, the system is based on increasing coil induction. They are used in ergometers and provide higher resistance and precise data measurement.

Exercise bikes - core assembly and bearings types

  • The core assembly of the flywheel must correspond to the intensity of training
  • Industrial bearings ensure smooth and quiet running
  • Learn more about how to choose an exercise bike here

Exercise bikes - How to exercise

  • Pedalling on an exercise bike is very easy. What’s important is to pedal evenly. Lear more about training with exercise bikes in our guide.

Exercise bikes - Why use an exercise bike?

  • Training with an exercise bike stimulates your blood pressure and blood circulation and increases your lung capacity. Learn more about the advantages of exercising on an exercise bike here.

Exercise bike or a spinning bike

  • Need help deciding whether to buy an exercise bike or a spinning bike? In which aspects is the exercise bike better and what are its disadvantages? See our comparison page on these two trainers.

FAQ - What is an induction exercise bike?

  • Induction exercise bikes work on the basis of increasing the coil induction. They are used in ergometers, and enable high resistance and precise data measurement.

Exercise bikes - Want to know more?

  • Did you read through our guides and still have unanswered questions? We are happy to help! Send us your questions at and we’ll answer them.

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