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Exercise Bike or an Indoor Cycling Bike?

Should I buy an exercise bike or a indoor bike? What’s the difference?

Many of our customers who want to get a cardio trainer for home exercising ask themselves the same questions. Here, we will try to answer them.

There are several ways to simulate cycling. You can have an exercise bike, indoor bike or a bike trainer (that will hold your actual bike).

  • Exercise bikes are designed mainly for home training, maintaining your physical fitness, strengthening your body and losing weight. They are not suitable for intensive training on a professional level. Their advantages are their affordable prices and the wide range of models on the market. Their lowest price is around 115 €. The exercise bikes are categorized according to their resistance control – into manually-controlled and computer-controlled ergometers. Learn more in our exercise bikes category.
  • Indoor bikes are designed to perfectly simulate the cycling movement. Unlike exercise bikes, indoor bikes have very precise resistance settings, strong and robust frame, perfect stability and higher maximum resistance. Some indoor bikes have special SPD pedals that can be used with cycling shoes. Even demanding athletes will be satisfied with a high-quality indoor bike. You can buy a indoor bike from 300 €.
  • Bike trainer is a device that holds your regular bicycle and simulates cycling uphill or against wind by using friction on the rear wheel as resistance. The advantage is that you can use your own bike already perfectly adjusted to suit your needs. The disadvantages include having to carry the bike into the living room and higher level of noise coming from the bike, the tires and the resistance mechanism.

We know nothing can fully replace cycling outdoors and on the road. However, we hope we’ve helped you pick out the equipment that will suit your needs the most.

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