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How to Exercise with an Exercise Bike?

We’ve got a few tips about how to correctly use an exercise bike.

How to correctly exercise on an exercise bike:

  • The first important requirement is that you have a properly functioning exercise bike!
  • It is important to find the ideal training position and adjust the exercise bike accordingly – the height shape and position of the saddle, the position of the handlebars, overall frame and ergonomic attributes of the exercise bike, tec.

How to train on an exercise bike? Here are several tips!

  • It is recommended to start with a short warm-up and stretching
  • If you are exercising with an ergometer, you can choose from pre-set programs
  • When exercising with a manually controlled exercise bike, it is recommended to start with a lower resistance setting
  • After you warm up your muscles, you can increase the resistance setting
  • Lower the resistance setting again at the end of your training and relax your muscles

The duration of the exercise is impotant!

  • The duration of the exercise is important to the desired effect – you start burning fats (aerobic muscle metabolism) after 20-40 minutes of exercising
  • FIT – F = exercise frequency3-5 times a week, I = exercise intensity 60-90% of maximum heart rate frequency, T = duration of the exercise 20-60 min
  • After the training, it is recommended to do a few cool down exercises to calm your heart rate and relax your muscles

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