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Treadmill inSPORTline Mendoz 4v1

Load capacity 120 kg, 2.0 HP engine, speed of 1-16 km / h, 4 in1 (treadmill, Rotana, vibration machine, handles for press-ups), 3 pairs of dumbbells, inclination 0-15 %, 99 programs, suspension, running area 123 x 42 cm.

Load capacity 120 kg, 2.0 HP engine, speed of 1-16 km / h, 4 in1 (treadmill, Rotana, vibration machine, handles for press-ups), 3 pairs of dumbbells, inclination 0-15 %, 99 programs, suspension, running area 123 x 42 cm.

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Treadmill inSPORTline Mendoz 4v1

Treadmill inSPORTline Mendoz is a quality treadmill 4 in 1, designed for home use. Apart from the treadmill, it is possible to use Rotana for shaping the hips, handles for press-ups or a vibration belt that is suitable for active relaxation of the body, reducing excess fat or muscle tension. The treadmill is equipped with rich functional and safety equipment, including a sophisticated computer, an engine of 2.0 HP power or adjustable inclination. Robust construction with a running surface with dimensions of 123 x 42 cm and 120 kg load capacity ensure maximum comfort during exercise. Computer offers several preset programs, user programs or a manual program, where you set the treadmill according to your wishes. The treadmill inSPORTline Mendoz also has a function for measuring body fat, which works on the principle of holding heart rate sensors in the handles. Within moments you thus learn how much fat is in your body. Backlit LCD screen displays a variety of useful information, including speed, time, distance, heart rate and calories burned. Other benefits of the treadmill inSPORTline Mendoz include silent engine operation, heart rate sensor in handles, a set of dumbbells, a maximum speed of 16 km / h, wheels for easy transport or a power saving mode that activates after 10 minutes of inactivity. Thanks to these excellent properties the treadmill inSPORTline Mendoz have become popular and sought-after model of treadmill for home use.


Technical description:

  • motorized treadmill with an electronic lift of the running area
  • 4 posts in 1 (treadmill, Rotana, vibration belt, handles for press-ups)
  • 3 pairs of dumbbells weighing 0.5, 1 and 1.5 kg (included)
  • blue backlit LCD display
  • built-in speakers
  • possibility to connect MP3 (with USB cable for connection included)
  • suspended running surface that absorbs impacts well while running to save joints
  • anti-noise struts SAS (Shock Absorbing System)
  • Suspension System - Shock Absorbing System
  • BeltDrive system (silent operation)
  • computer displays: distance, time, speed, heart rate, calories, lift
  • 99 preset programs
  • 3 user programs
  • body fat measurement (by holding the heart rate sensors in the handles)
  • security key that stops the treadmill immediately after collision
  • saving mode (after 10 minutes of inactivity)
  • wheels for easy transport
  • bottle holder
  • fan
  • machine dimensions: length 168 cm x width 74 cm x height 131 cm
  • storage dimensions: length 85 cm x width 74 cm x height 154 cm
  • size of the running area: 123 cm x 42 cm
  • Rotana diameter: 25 cm
  • engine power: 2.0 HP
  • speed: 1-16 km / h
  • electronically controlled gradient: 0 - 15 %
  • load capacity: 120 kg (treadmill), 100 kg (Rotana)
  • weight: 71 kg
  • category HA (according to EN957 standard) suitable for home use


Vibration belt:

  • engine power: 900W
  • vibration frequency: 10 Hz
  • 1 type of belts
  • 1 level of intensity control


 Maximally quiet operation

The treadmill is equipped with special anti-noise struts SAS (Shock Absorbin System) which reduce noise during impact. Low noise is also achieved by soundproofing of engine, which  exudes almost no sound. Thanks to this, the treadmill is maximally quiet and well suited even to apartments.


 Rich programme equipment
The treadmill offers a wide range of preset programs (99) from which each user can choose. At the same time it is completed with special programs, such as the FAT function that is able to measure the fat content in your body. Of course there are also user programs(3), which save your time when changing the settings of individual users.



In addition to the running part, the treadmill is also equipped with additional posts and accessories that can be used. Among the most important accessories belongs a Vibration belt, which is suitable for active relaxation of the body, reduction of excess fat or muscle tension. Three pairs of dumbbells are among other useful tools, as well as a rotating disc or push-up handles.


 High comfort

The treadmill is equipped with a simple fan that will make walking or running more pleasant. At the same time there is a bottle holder, wheels for easy transport or a safety lock that stops the treadmill in the event of collision.

Extended warranty

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By exercise on the treadmill inSPORTline Mendoz you strengthen these body parts:



Petr KopřivaRecommended by Petr Kopriva – the InSPORTline Coach

Treadmill is an ideal tool for increasing fitness endurance. Regular jogging on a treadmill promotes weight loss and strengthens the cardiovascular system.


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Treadmill inSPORTline Mendoz 4v1 - Documents to download

pdf Manual
pdf Manual

Treadmill inSPORTline Mendoz 4v1 - Product parameters

Weight limit
120 kg
Motor output
2 HP
Running deck length
123 cm
Running deck width
42 cm
Deck inclination
Maximum elevation
4.5° (7.87 %)
Minimum speed
1 km/h
Maximum speed
16 km/h
Total number of programs
Number of Preset Programs
User programs
HRC program
Manual mode
Heart rate frequency sensor
Bottle holder
Tablet holder
Transport wheels
System for adjusting to uneven surface
Shock Absorbing System
Safety key
Chest strap receiver
Chest strap included
Audio jack
Folding frame
Height when unfolded
131 cm
Width when unfolded
74 cm
Length when unfolded
168 cm
Height when folded
154 cm
Width when folded
74 cm
Length when folded
85 cm
Treadmill type
71 kg
Power Source
220V, 230V
HA (EN957)
Intended use

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