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Treadmill inSPORTline Gilavar

Sturdy treadmill with sizable running deck, HRC program, electronic inclination, suspension, quiet running, chest strap. more

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Treadmill inSPORTline Gilavar is a quality treadmill designed for home use. Treadmill inSPORTline Gilavar is equipped with rich features, sophisticated computer and a powerful motor with an output of 3.5 HP.A sturdy frame with sufficiently large running area and a load capacity of 150 kg ensures maximum comfort during exercise. Computer offers a number of pre-set programs, HRC program and user programs, and displays the most necessary information such as speed, elapsed distance, time, heart rate, calories burned or the inclination of the running deck. Other advantages of the treadmill inSPORTline Gilavar include MP3 audio jack for headphones, BeltDrive system, pulse sensors in handles, maximum speed of 20 km/h, wheels for easy transport or a holder for a book, laptop, tablet or other accessories. Thanks to these excellent properties, the treadmill inSPORTline Gilavar is a very popular and sought-after treadmill model.

Key attributes:

  • a popular treadmill with quiet running and sturdy frame
  • quality running deck suspensioin
  • foldable to save space
  • a umber of programs and an easy-to-read display
  • holder for tablet, smartphone or a book
  • inbuilt loudspeakers and a fan
  • possibility of wireless connection of music player or mobile phone via Bluetooth technology (applies to machines with production date 6/2020 and higher) or audio input (applies to machines with production date up to and including 5/2020)
  • HRC program: this machine can increase or decrease the resistance to keep your heart rate in optimal heart rate zone
  • 3.5 mm audio jack - you can connect a music player or a mobile phone
  • computer displays: distance, time, heart rate frequency, calories, inclination


Extremely quiet running

The treadmill is equipped with special noise-cancelling supports SAS (Shock Absorbing System) that mitigate the noise of the running belt when you run. Any noise coming off the treadmill is further minimized by the quiet running motor, which almost doesn't make any noise at all. The treadmill is therefore extremely noiseless and suitable for flats.


Great stability and high weight limit

The treadmill's main advantage is its overall quality. The frame is extremely stable, partially because you are able to adjust the footpads in case the floor is uneven. Furthermore, you’ll surely appreciate the size of the running deck and its overall 150 kg weight limit.


 An easy-to-read display, a great number of programs

A control panel that displays all information necessary for your training. The treadmill also has quick keys to adjust the speed or inclination of the running deck at once. There are many pre-set programs with various track profiles, as well as special programs, such as the Body Fat function that measures the fat percentage of your

Technical description:

motor output 3.5 HP
running deck dimensions 140 x 53 cm
inclination electronic
number of inclination levels 22
maximum inclination 4° (7 %)
speed 1 - 22 km/h
suitable for walking maximum of 30 minutes under 6 km/h
then it is recommended to let the treadmill run at maximum speed for 2-5 minutes in order to cool down the engine, the treadmill can be used for walking after that
total number of programs 103
pre-set programs 99
user programs 2
HRC program yes (exercise time is set to 22 minutes)
manual program yes
heart rate frequency sensors yes
bottle holder yes
tablet holder yes
transport wheels yes
system to compensate for uneven floor yes
suspension Shock Absorbing System
safety key yes
chest strap receiver yes
chest strap included yes
audio input no (applies to machines with a production date of 6/2020 and higher) / yes (applies to machines with a production date up to and including 5/2020)
folding frame yes
dimensions h146 cm x w86 cm x l190 cm
dimensions while folded h167 cm x w86 cm x l108 cm
weight limit 150 kg
weight 97 kg
input power 1450 - 2500 W
power input 220V, V230
category HC (according to EN ISO 20957)
use home


Product parameters

Weight limit 150 kg
Motor output 3.50 HP
Deck inclination electronic
Number of incline levels 22
Maximum incline 4 °
Running deck length 140 cm
Running deck width 53 cm
Minimum speed 1 km/h
Maximum Speed 22 km/h
Suitable for walking max. 30 mins, then let the treadmill run for 2-5 mins at full speed
Total number of programs 103
Number of preset programs 99
User programs 2
Pause function no
HRC program yes
Manual mode yes
Heart rate frequency sensors yes
Bottle holder yes
Tablet holder yes
Transport wheels yes
System for adjusting to uneven surface yes
Suspension Shock Absorbing System
Safety key yes
Chest strap receiver yes
Chest strap included yes
Audio jack no
Folding frame yes
Height when unfolded 146 cm
Width when unfolded 86 cm
Length when unfolded 190 cm
Height when folded 167 cm
Width when folded 86 cm
Length when folded 108 cm
Treadmill type Motorized
Weight 97 kg
Power Source 220V, 230V
Class HC (EN957)
Intended use home


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