Yoga Sets

Yoga sets are wholesome product sets that are necessary for every yoga exercise. You can choose from basic to complete sets that include a yoga mat, block, resistance band and a yoga ball. These accessories can be also used to exercise your entire body.

Yoga Set inSPORTline Basic
31,70 € (14%) 27,30 
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Basic set for yoga; includes exercise mat, yoga block and yoga strap.
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Yoga Set inSPORTline Complete
97 € (11%) 86,80 
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Set includes stretch band, yoga mat, aerobic ball, yoga block, and yoga roller.
Yoga Set inSPORTline Power
39,60 € (11%) 35,30 
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Set for power yoga and pilates; includes yoga mat, ball and resistance band.
Yoga Set inSPORTline Advanced
62,60 € (12%) 55,10 
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Set includes gym mat, stretch band, yoga block, and yoga roller.