Treadmill is an unrivalled fitness trainer that will help you improve your physical fitness, burn excess fats and strengthen your heart. This is only supported by all the satisfied users around the world, who consider it the top trainer on the market. A treadmill will allow you to run or walk at any time, regardless of the weather outside.

The best treadmills have a quiet efficient motor, good suspension to ease the pressure put on your joints, heart rate frequency monitor with a chest belt, many modern functions, user-friendly control and sufficiently large running deck for safe and comfortable exercising. Make use of the prolonged 10-year warranty or customer service in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (repairs directly at your home, free assembly for selected models).

Motorized treadmills are distinguished by smooth and precise speed regulation, output and running deck inclination. The control panel displays training time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned. With this treadmill, you get a prolonged 10-year warranty and if you live in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, servicing at home. Want more? Connect the advanced inCondi trainers to your phone or tablet and have fun watching scenery from all around the world while running!


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