Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are an essential equipment for all detectorists, whether they are seeking treasure, coins or relics. In our selection you will find devices for beginners, as well as more experienced detectorists. This way you can choose according to your preferences, requirements and even potential terrain conditions. Here you can find waterproof devices, high precision detectors or pinpointers. What's more, your children will surely enjoy special detectors for children and will love to go treasure hunting along with you.

Metal Detector inSPORTline Quick Shooter
129,30 € (16%) 108 
In Stock
Easily portable metal detector, 3-tone metal detection, 240mm waterproof probe, easy … Buy
Metal Detector inSPORTline Skagway
384,40 € (10%) 345,50 
In Stock
Innovative metal detector with advanced functions, high sensitivity, battery life of … Buy
Metal Detector inSPORTline Wrangell
In Stock
Effectively detects all kinds of metals, dust- and water-resistant, easy to use, … Buy
In Stock
Practical pickaxe with carry case that you can attach to your belt. Buy
Carbon Steel Mini Spade MFH
In Stock
Compact-sized spade with a shaped handle and nylon case. Buy
Folding Spade w/ Case MFH US
In Stock
Compact folding spade with a toothed side, plastic handle and nylon case. Buy
All-Metal Spade MFH US
In Stock
Practical spade made of a high-quality, durable material. Buy