Accessories for Metal Detectors

In this category, you'll find all neccessary equipment for removing dirt, sieving sand and gold panning. You can choose from spades, pickaxes, shovels or special kits to make your work easier.

Gold Panning Kit Karma
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Professional gold panning kit, two pans, sifting pan, guzzler bottle and vials for … Buy
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Practical pickaxe with carry case that you can attach to your belt. Buy
Carbon Steel Mini Spade MFH
In Stock
Compact-sized spade with a shaped handle and nylon case. Buy
Folding Spade w/ Case MFH US
In Stock
Compact folding spade with a toothed side, plastic handle and nylon case. Buy
All-Metal Spade MFH US
In Stock
Practical spade made of a high-quality, durable material. Buy
Gold Pan Karma Hurricane
In Stock
Professional gold pan, super-fast gold panning, saves time and makes work much easier, … Buy
Gold Sifting Pan Karma
In Stock
Practical gold sifting pan, wide openings, 33.5 cm in diameter, easy to use. Buy
Gold Guzzler Bottle Karma
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Lightweight guzzler bottle to suck up the gold flakes from the gold pan. Useful gold … Buy
Gold Vials Karma – 2 Pcs.
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Vials for storing panned gold, 15ml capacity, compact size. Buy
Plastic Hand Spade inSPORTline Petipala
2,60 € (19%) 2,10 
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Lightweight plastic hand spade with a line to be used with a metal detector. Also … Buy
Plastic Hand Rake inSPORTline Rastel
2,60 € (19%) 2,10 
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Simple hand rake to be used with a metal detector. Also suitable for everyday use. … Buy
Small Folding Shovel w/ Compass inSPORTline Plegable
9,90 € (13%) 8,60 
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Compact shovel, pickaxe and mini saw in one, perfect for treasure-hunting adventures … Buy
Folding Shovel inSPORTline Palagran
15,10 € (15%) 12,90 
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Shovel and pickaxe in one, perfect for treasure-hunting adventures with a metal … Buy