Football Accessories

Football accessories may be an important part of the game. That’s why in this category you’ll find whistles, cones, ladders, stopwatches, ball nets and many others.

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Training Ladder inSPORTline CF080.2
62,60 € (43%) 35,60 
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Suitable for both outdoors and indoors, cross straps, distance between straps … Buy
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Training Hurdle inSPORTline CF100 45 cm
14,80 € (21%) 11,70 
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Higher hurdle for both indoor and outdoor use, suitable for developing explosive … Buy
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Training Hurdles inSPORTline CF100
39,10 € (25%) 29,20 
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Obstacles suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, three different sizes per package, … Buy
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Training Cone inSPORTline CF090.1
2 € (45%) 1,10 
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A training accessory, its hollow middle cen serve to put up obstacles. Buy
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Soccer Coach Board inSPORTline SC71
19,80 € (34%) 13,10 
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Soccer coach tactic board, reversible, easy-to-erase, durable plastic, comes with … Buy
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Plastic Cones inSPORTline Alphabet 23cm
71,60 € (31%) 49,10 
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Set of 26 cones, marked with letters from A to Z, suitable for marking stations or … Buy
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Plastic Finger Grip Whistle inSPORTline WH174
2,70 € (33%) 1,80 
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Easy-to-use, extremely lightweight, durable structure, wooden pea. Buy
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Base for Slalom Training Pole inSPORTline SL BASE
24,30 € (26%) 18 
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Base for slalom poles inSPORTline SL, non-slip surface, for both indoor and outdoor … Buy
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6 Sports Bottle Carrier inSPORTline BC06
19,30 € (32%) 13,10 
In Stock
Simple folding mechanism, practical handle, durable structure, perfect for sports … Buy
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Whistle for sporting purposes super
In Stock
Stopwatch inSPORTline SW Profi Dual Chrono
In Stock
Stopwatch with water resistant surface, retains up to 100 meaured split times, date … Buy
Stopwatch Spartan Profi
In Stock
Stopwatch with 3-line display, 8-lap memory, displays slowest, fastest and average … Buy
Stopwatch Spartan
In Stock
Water resistant, measures set time interval, date. Buy
Training Ladder inSPORTline CF080.1
In Stock
Excellent for all fitness and coordination trainings, length 9.5 m, high-quality … Buy
10 Ball Bag Spartan
In Stock
Ball bag made of solid and durable mesh, solid cord for easy carrying. Buy
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Slalom Pole inSPORTline SL160 160 cm
On request
Sold out
Training slalom pole for improving your fitness and for better motion, both indoor and … Buy
Set of Slalom Bases and Poles inSPORTline SL SET
Sold Out
Set of 4 bases and 8 slalom poles of different lengths, improving fitness and … Buy
Inflation Needle M-Wave
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Needle for inflating sports balls. Buy