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Speed Hurdle inSPORTline Dexteros 50 cm

High but lightweight speed agility training hurdle suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, suitable for fitness training and plyometric exercises. more

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Suitable for a wide range of exercises, the Speed Hurdle inSPORTline Dexteros 50 cm is ideal for plyometric training that focuses on developing explosive power, involving short, intense bursts of activity that target fast-twitch muscle fibers in the lower body. These fibers help generate explosive power that increases speed and jumping height. The hurdle’s main advantage is its light and practically indestructible plastic frame.

Training hurdles are perfect not only for coaches, who can use them to train their athletes, but also recreational athletes. They can also be used to build an obstacle course in schools or rec centers.  

Technical description:

  • Ideal for plyometric exercises
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • Can also be added to circuit training
  • Height: 50 cm
  • Width: 46 cm
  • Profile diameter: 1.9 cm
  • Material: plastic (PVC)
  • Weight: 370 g
  • Price for one hurdle


Product parameters

Height 50 cm
Width 46 cm
Material PVC
Bar diameter 1.90 cm
Weight (g) 370 g
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