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inSPORTline VibroGym Katrina SE Vibration Machine

Elegant and robust VibroGym, 3D vibrations, large vibration deck, suitable for continuous use, resistance bands, remote control, quiet running.

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Elegant and robust VibroGym, 3D vibrations, large vibration deck, suitable for continuous use, resistance bands, remote control, quiet running.

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inSPORTline VibroGym Katrina SE Vibration Machine

Vibration Machine VibroGym inSPORTline Katrina SE will help you shape your figure, increase the mobility of your joints, relax, relieve stress and what’s more, stimulate your cardiovascular system. Vibration machine inSPORTline Katrina SE functions on the basis of effective 3D vibrations that contract your muscles reflexively, making your exercising more intense. All you need for immediate results are 5 minutes with your knees slightly bent. You can exercise your entire body – all available exercises are included in the manual and downloadable brochure. You can also exercise your arms and back using two rubber resistance bands attached to the edge of the exercise deck. Exercising on the Vibration Machine inSPORTline Katrina SE is effective, safe and not remotely time consuming. The machine is suitable for everyday commercial use. Its main advantages include large 7" display for easy access to information during exercising, revolutionary design and high exercise effectivity. Thanks to an improved 3D vibration system 3D+ Whole Body Movement Vibration, the effect on your muscles is even more intense.

Main advantages:

  • based on 3D+ vibrations for highly effective exercising of all muscle areas
  • helps to quickly and effectively shape your figure and lose weight
  • thanks to the vibrations, exercises will be up to three times more effective
  • special massage deck with adhesive grooving stimulates blood circulation, relieves the tension in your muscles and massages your feet, hands, backside and back
  • helps you quickly recover and regenerate after a physical strain, sports activity or an exercise
  • the machine is especially suitable for the initial or last phase of training
  • it can also be used to help relieve rheumatism and other problems with your bones or joints (only after consulting your GP though)
  • stimulates your blood circulation
  • effectively helps you relieve joint and muscle pain and stiffness
  • improves balance and coordination
  • effectively helps you fight cellulitis
  • helps relieve stress
  • increases production of the growth hormone

Key features:

  • improved 3D+ Whole Body Movement Vibration for even more effective exercising and strengthening individual muscle areas
  • easy-to-read 7" fully graphic display
  • display language: English
  • luxury rounded design
  • simple menu with 4 parameters to set
  • maximally smooth and quiet running

Technical description:

type of vibration

3D (spirals)

number of motors


motor performance

350 W

vertical vibration frequencies


frequency of 3D vibration

20-60 Hz

Amplitude of vertical vibrations

1.5 - 2 mm

3D amplitude vibration


vibration levels


heart rate sensor


programs (in all)


pre-set programs


user programs


manual program





on display and lower console

transport wheels


leveling system


strengthening ropes


total dimensions

85 x 85 x 160 cm

dimensions of vibration area

75 x 60 cm

max. user weight

120 kg


75 kg

power source

net adapter


S (according to EN957)



inSPORTline VibroGym Katrina SE Vibration Machine - Documents to download

pdf Manual

inSPORTline VibroGym Katrina SE Vibration Machine - Product parameters

Vibration type
Motor output
350 W
Vibrating deck dimensions
75 x 60 cm
Weight limit (kg)
120 kg
Vibration frequency
20 - 60
Number of vibration speeds
Number of programs
Compensating for uneven floor
Computer Control
Integrated + remote
Resistance band
Dimensions when fully assembled
85 x 85 x 160
75 kg
Usage category
Commercial use

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