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Massage Chair inSPORTline Alessio

Modern chair with a number of programs, suitable for home use, user programs available, low weight 75 kg.

Modern chair with a number of programs, suitable for home use, user programs available, low weight 75 kg.

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Massage Chair inSPORTline Alessio

Massage Chair inSPORTline Alessio is a modern massage chair for intense massage performed in the comfort of your home, in moments when you really feel like it. The massage chair provides a full-body massage though pre-set programs, and it also features special modes for separate body areas. It can scan the shape of your body, making the massage more comfortable and effective. There are several interesting massage techniques (shiatsu massage, kneading, tapping, knocking and simultaneous kneading and knocking) with adjustable massage speed and intensity. Massage Chair inSPORTline Alessio is made of synthetic leather resistant to wear and easy to maintain. The massage system includes 25 airbags. A massage can be timed to last 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes. Its is equipped with a black-and-white LCD display with blue backlight. Massage Chair inSPORTline Alessio is ideal for relaxaction after exercising, recovering from a hard day at work or simply relaxing at home. The chair’s functions, quality of manufacture and interesting innovations are the main reasons this model belongs to the top of its class.

Technical description:

  • Professional massage chair
  • Full-body massage / massage of separate parts
  • Automatic body shape detection
  • Adjustable backrest width
  • Adjustable footrest length
  • Backrest inclination adjustment
  • 25 massage airbags
  • Modern design
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Timed massage for 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes
  • User programs
  • Black-and-white LCD display with blue backlight
  • Computer memory
  • Output: 120W
  • Maximum power usage: 120W
  • Backrest inclination angle: 54°
  • Dimensions: length 112 x width 76 x height 125 cm
  • Maximum chair length while in use: 168 cm
  • Material: synthetic leather
  • Weight limit: 150 kg
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • The device is not intended for the treatment of muscular and other diseases. This is not a medical device.

Programs and functions:

  • 5 types of massage (shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking and simultaneous kneading and knocking)
  • 3 automatic programs (full-body massage, neck and shoulders massage, back and lower back massage)
  • 5 manual programs (thumb massage, finger massage, open palm massage, knuckle massage, combined massage)
  • 3 massage intensity levels
  • 3 massage speeds
  • Position adjustment / speed levels / several modes
  • Memory (2 user programs)
  • Air massage
  • Relaxing massage

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Massage Chair inSPORTline Alessio - Product parameters

Synthetic leather
Number of massage airbags
25 pcs
Number of massage valves
0 pcs
Number of programs
Number of massage types
5 pcs
Magnet therapy
Number of massage intensity levels
Number of massage speeds
Backrest heating
Footrest heating
120 W
Weight limit (kg)
150 kg
75 kg
Dimensions when fully assembled
112 x 76 x 125
Transport wheels
Computer memory
MP3 music

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