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How to Choose a Massage Chair?

In today’s modern times, everyone needs to properly rest and relax from time to time and a massage is often the best way to do so. However, only a small number if people can afford professional massage as often as they need it. In this regard, massage chairs are a truly priceless tool. The chair will be always available to you at home and help you revitalize your muscles and relax your body after a day spent at work. The massage itself brings many other advantages of course – it relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and stimulates your blood circulation. All of this has a beneficial effect on both your physical and mental health. All in all, massage chairs are there to help you relax practically every day a week!

Buying a massage chair is a serious investment and that’s why it’s important to carefully select a product that will meet your physical requirements and budget options. However, many customers don’t know how to go about picking out the ideal chair for them. This guide is here to provide you with all the information you’ll need when choosing a massage chair. A massage chair meeting all your needs can significantly help you improve both your physical condition and mental balance – be sure to choose carefully then!

Main Criteria

Before purchase, it is important to put together what you expect from your new massage chair. Will your chosen massage chair provide a satisfying massage that will leave you feeling revitalized and relaxed? What kind of massage will you use the most often? How much space will the chair realistically take up, especially with the backrest lowered? Will you want a chair with a heating function for your feet? After reading this guide, you should have answers to all these questions, as well as an idea abut what type of a massage chair will suit you the best.

The first step is to make sure that a massage chair is really what you are looking for. If you suffer from back pain or have problems with blood circulation, massage chair can truly help you. However, it is not the only product that can do so. To stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscle tension, you can also use inversion tables or smaller massage devices. A correct posture can be also achieved by exercising with balance trainers, gymnastic balls or even paddleboards. With these products, however, you’ll hardly achieve such comfort and relaxation as a massage chair is able to provide.


Massage chairs are relatively large and require sufficient space. Because you can hardly hide the chair, it is important to carefully consider where to put it. You will always find the exact dimensions in the full product description. These dimensions should be one of the most important factors in your initial decision making.

As an alternative to classic massage chairs, we offer a less robust model that won’t take up much space. However, it should be said that this type lacks the wide variety of functions regular massage chairs have and it doesn’t have a footrest and armrests either. If you plan on purchasing a massage chair of regular dimensions and you want to save as much space as possible, you can pick a chair with the “Zero Space” function. These chairs can slide forward when reclining, so you can leave just 10 cm of free space between the chair and a wall. The chair will simply slide forward and you’ll save the space you would have to otherwise leave free behind the backrest.

If you place the chair on a wooden floor, in time, the weight of the product might damage the surface. For this reason, we recommend placing a carpet or a protection mat under the chair.

Overall Look

Most customers are also concerned about the design of the chair and how it will match the interior of their home. Thanks to the size and weight of massage chairs, it would be impractical (and difficult) to try to move the chair to a more remote place after every massage, which is why it’s best to pick a chair that fits into your home décor and gives it an elegant touch. All our chairs have an ergonomic shape and will fully adjust to your body.


Since you will spend a lot of time in the chair, it’s good to consider the quality and resistance of the outer material. For the massage to be as comfortable as possible, the surface of the chair should be fine and smooth. The upholstery is usually made either of synthetic or genuine leather. Chairs with a more luxurious design have genuine leather upholstery, but synthetic leather is more resistant, both against the working massage heads and outside pressure.


When picking out a massage chair, you’ll find out that the differences between various models lie mainly in their functions. No type features all available functions. That’s why it’s important to read through the descriptions of all available functions and think about which ones will best correspond with your needs. According to the functions and features you prefer, you’ll be able to pick the right model. All available massage chair functions are useful, but not everyone will utilize them. That’s why you should consider which you will prefer.

Aside from massage programs, you can choose from various functions, features and settings that influence your massage experience. Consider which you’ll use the most.

  • Airbag massage

Air massage is conducted through airbags, not massage rollers. Most massage chairs feature both mechanisms. Unlike rollers, airbags provide a gentler massage that doesn’t reach deep muscles. Airbags are usually used for arm, hand, leg and foot massage. With most massage chairs, airbag leg and arm massage usually complement the basic deep massage of the back. Higher-class chair models allow users to choose between several types of air massage, for example a separate massage of just arms or legs. Massage airbags will get your blood flowing and help you release toxins faster.

Airbags can be placed around shoulders, forearms, lower back, glutes, thighs, calves or feet. They are filled with air via a pump and valves in a pre-set rhythm. The more airbags a chair features, the higher quality massage it provides.

  • Heating

Heated massage has a beneficial effect that should not be underestimated. Heating relieves muscles and stimulates regeneration. Heated massage is useful especially for athletes and fitness enthusiasts that need to regenerate after strenuous training. Heated massage rollers are great at thoroughly massaging stiff and aching muscles, relieving fatigue. 

The massaged area depends on the type of a massage chair. A common function is backrest heating, while some models provide foot heating as well. Heating is provided through long-range infrared radiation. The heat is distributed through carbon fibre that can be heated up to 40°-50°C. This temperature is optimal for warming muscles and relieving pain. Thanks to its wavelength, infrared radiation easily passes through the human body. It activates cells and stimulates metabolic processes. Heating of calves beneficially affects knees and helps stimulate blood circulation in legs. Some models combine heating with magnetotherapy in these body areas, for even more effective results.

There are also massage chairs that come with a separate heated pad for thermal therapy. The pad emits infrared radiation that penetrates deep muscles and stimulates blood circulation in them. With such a pad, you can relieve chronic or acute pain in areas the massage chair cannot reach.

  • „Zero Gravity“ massage

Some massage chair models feature the “Zero Gravity” function. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you will suddenly start floating. What this function will do is to recline the chair into the so-called “Zero Gravity” position that simulates the real-life position in which astronauts enter the orbit. Because astronauts have to resist a sudden increase of resistance when leaving Earth’s gravity field, it’s important for them to assume a position that allows them to best deal with such pressure. In this reclined position, the pressure is spread out over the body to have the least impact on the astronaut’s spine.

Massage chairs with the “Zero Gravity” function adjust your body precisely into this position. Your legs will be higher than your heart, which stimulates their blood circulation and reduces any swellings. Your spine will rest in the most natural position. At the same time, the pressure put on your heart will decrease and the capacity of your lungs will increase, making you feel maximally relaxed. Elevating your legs above your heart is also beneficial for people suffering from varicose veins. What’s more, you’ll experience the most intense massage in this position because the massage rollers will touch your body along the entire length of the backrest and the sensation will be more intense.

  • Vibrations

Vibrations provide a less intense massage that stimulates blood circulation and relieves fatigue and muscle stiffness. The intensity can usually be regulated. Vibration massage does not reach as deep as a classic roller massage and is therefore focused mainly on surface muscles.

  • 3D massage

During classic massage, massage heads with rollers move in two directions – up and down and from side to side. During 3D massage, massage heads also move outwards and back. Thanks to this additional direction, the massage is much deeper and therefore more intense. The depth of the massage can be adjusted.

  • Auto detect function

Massage chairs with automatic detection function can scan your body contours within seconds and adjust massage heads accordingly. Thanks to this very useful function, the chair will fully adjust to the height and bulk of your body and direct the movement of massage rollers to have an optimal effect on target areas. The most important feature of this function is detecting the position of shoulders and adjusting the shoulder airbags.

  • Detachable upholstery

If you pick a massage chair with detachable upholstery, you will be provided with an additional way to regulate the intensity of a massage. The thicker the material between the massage rollers and your body, the less intense the massage effect. If you have just started using a massage chair, it is recommended to keep the upholstery attached, so you could gradually get used to the massage. Complete beginners can also put a blanket over the chair the first few times to absorb the effect of massage rollers even more before getting used to the sensation. If you opt for a more intense massage later on, you can detach the upholstery to have the massage rollers closer to muscles.

Massage chairs provide a luxury massage directly at your home. You don’t have to book an appointment at a massage parlour and pay for every massage separately. All you need to do is sit down in a chair, set your favourite type of massage and relax, maybe while listening to some calming music. This extraordinary device will help you relieve aching muscles after a day at the office or a hard training session and stimulate blood circulation in your limbs. What’s more, your entire household can use it, making the one-off investment worth it.

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