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Don’t know how to set the programs and functions of your massage chair? We’ll help you.

Programs and functions of a massage chair naturally differ from model to model. Before purchasing a particular model, you should carefully read through the description of the product’s functions and make sure these functions meet all your requirements. All our massage chairs have user-adjusted massage available. However, some products’ options are limited. You will always find a list of available programs in an enclosed manual or in the full description of the product on our e-shop.

Your massage chair is powered by an electric motor that brings the mechanical arms with massage heads and rollers into motion. (Generally speaking, the more powerful the motor, the more intense the massage.) The arms move up and down while the rollers move sideways. In the case of 3D massage, the rollers press deep into the flesh as well. The trajectories of massage arms and rollers were designed to simulate the movements of a masseuse’s hand. The rollers apply pressure through the upholstery of the chair.

Pre-Set Programs

Massage chairs always feature several pre-set functions that can be easily activated by pressing a button. These programs make it easier for you to access the most commonly used functions. The number of pre-set programs varies from model to model. inSPORTline massage chairs always feature several of the following functions:

  • Relaxing massage for joint regeneration and getting rid of muscle stiffness.

  • Smooth massage to stimulate your blood flow. This is a very gentle kind of massage.

  • Deep massage for relieving aching muscles. This kind of massage is intense and complex.

  • Invigorating massage that reduces fatigue and revitalizes your body.

  • Air massage programs focused on the waist area, glutes, arms, legs or feet (depending on the model). The exact use of airbags during a massage depends on the given functions of a massage chair. Higher-class chairs also provide foot massage, often with heating.

Manual Settings

If the pre-set programs don’t meet your requirements, you can adjust the settings to get the kind of massage you prefer. The memory of a massage chair can retain a limited number of saved programs, so that your favourites will always be available to you. When adjusting massage manually, you can choose from various types of massage. Each type simulates a different massage technique, and they vary in effect and overall sensation. Our massage chairs feature the following types of massages:

Massage typeDescription
Kneading Kneading will relieve muscle pain and pleasantly relax your entire back. The pressure stimulates and improves blood circulation in your muscles. During the massage, the pressure of the massage rollers alternates. It is a basic massage mechanism for relieving muscle stiffness.
Flapping Flapping is an intense rhythmical movement with the massage heads and rollers placed at more of a distance. Massage speed can be adjusted at will. This type of massage improves your blood flow as well. It is therefore used for releasing tension from stiff muscles and relieving stress.
Knocking Massage heads and rollers are programmed to rhythmically press on muscles in short intervals and then retract. This gentle massage is great for revitalizing fatigued muscles.
Simultaneous kneading and knocking For this intense technique, massage rollers move in circular motions typical for kneading, as well as knock rhythmically. This sort of combined massage is suitable for reducing pain in deep muscles.
Grasping Grasping is a massage mechanism during which massage rollers move against each other, simulating a masseuse’s grasping fingers. This technique is focused mainly on the shoulder area.
Shiatsu massage Shiatsu is a type of massage originating in Japan. This massage is based on activating acupressure points in order to restore the energetic balance in your body. During regular massage the pressure is applied through the fingers of a masseuse. In a massage chair, it is the massage rollers that press against the acupressure points. The purpose of a Shiatsu massage is to unblock energy pathways and to relax your body.

Manual settings will also help you in case you want to focus on a specific place or area. If you choose a fixed massage concentrated on just one place or area instead of an overall one, you can use the arrow buttons on the control panel to target the precise area that needs the most care. A fixed-point massage will truly only massage the one chosen place, while fixed-area massage will help you prioritize a place on your body that causes you the most trouble.

Both with pre-set and user programs, you can adjust the speed and intensity of the massage. Massage intensity depends on how deep the massage rollers reach. Speed control determines the rhythm in which the massage heads move. The number of speed levels depends on the model, with higher-class products usually providing more options. Regular models usually feature three speed adjustment levels.

Chair adjustments

The backrest position can be adjusted for every massage chair, though the question is to what extent. Most massage chairs have backrests adjustable at least to 50° so you can relax as much as possible. Higher-class models feature the “Zero Gravity” function that adjusts your body into a position with your feet placed higher than your heart. The headrests of more advanced models can also be adjusted according to your height

If the user isn’t of average height, an adjustable footrest is an important feature to consider as well. The user should feel as comfortable as possible during the massage, which can be an issue if the footrest is too short. Adjustable footrest will help you adjust the lower half of the chair into an ideal position for your massage.

Additional functions

inSPORTline massage chairs can also feature some of the following functions:

  • Back stretching – Higher-level massage chairs will help you stretch your back the same way an experienced chiropractor would do. The distance between spinal vertebrae will stretch during the massage, releasing pressure between the intervertebral discs and nerves.

  • Active twist – This function adds the feature of moving your body from side to side using airbags. This makes the massage more dynamic and fun. You certainly won’t fall asleep.

  • Active swing – Thus function will thoroughly stretch your neck and back, directly during a massage. The seat will swing from side to side while the footrest will move up and down.

  • Lymphatic system stimulation – A massage that stimulates the lymphatic system via airbags. The intensity of the grip can be adjusted on the control panel.

  • Magnetotherapy – Some chairs include magnets that stimulate acupressure points in key areas on your legs. The influence of magnets helps your body replenish missing energy.

  • Music – Many modern massage chairs are fitted with a music player to help you relax while listening to your favourite tracks. Loudspeakers are inbuilt into the chair. You can upload your favourite music onto a USB flash drive and insert it into a connector in the chair, or you can pair the chair with your smart device through Bluetooth and replay music that way. The control panel allows you to comfortably adjust volume at will. Some models’ accessories include headphones as well. Music during massage further enhances the experience and creates just the right atmosphere.

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