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Paddle Board w/ Accessories Jobe Aero SUP Duna 11.6 2023

Versatile paddle board with waterproof accessories and a lightweight paddle made of 40% carbon. It’s easy to control and boasts a max load capacity of 160 kg. more

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The Paddle Board w/ Accessories JOBE Aero SUP Duna 11.6 is an amazing versatile paddle board in an updated design. Thanks to the revolutionary X-Stitching technology, this paddle board is extremely lightweight and stiff when inflated. Its shape makes this board easy to control and fast, making it perfect for long-distance rides

The paddle board comes with a waterproof bag in which you can easily stack all the equipment to get yourself ready for the trip. And since there are special buckles on the board, you can easily attach the bag to it to make sure it stays in place during the ride. To make sure the Duna is durable, it has an extra layer on the rails and center of the board.

The paddle board comes with an adjustable fiberglass paddle made of 40% carbon, a leash and a hand pump for easy inflation. Everything (including the paddleboard) is packed in a practical, waterproof backpack which allows for easy carrying. All you have to do is get on your starting spot, inflate the board, hop up on it and start paddling

X-Stitching – new technology for lighter and stiffer paddle boards

The inside of the board no longer consists of hundreds of individual nylon fibers, but only one which is cross-woven through the entire board. As a result, the dual layer PVC is connected as effectively as ever and therefore extremely stiff when inflated. Add the “Heat-Bonded” technology (the individual layers are machine-bonded at high temperatures rather than manually glued) and you will get an amazing SUP with excellent riding characteristics. The protective tapes on the sides prevent air leak and provide additional reinforcement.  

Thanks to their sophisticated construction and advanced technology, Jobe paddle boards do not bend under pressure, maintaining their excellent riding characteristics.

Non-branded paddle boards, on the other hand, are not so solid and cannot cope with the standard weight load. As a result, they can bend significantly in the middle, thus spoiling the riding experience.  

Paddleboarding is not only an amazing leisure activity, but also a complex exercise. Take a look at which muscles you stretch and strengthen during paddleboarding.

The positive effect of paddleboarding is reflected in the number of calories burned. Depending on the intensity, you can burn as many as 1,125 calories an hour:


Technical description:

  • Suitable for long-distance riding on flat water surfaces
  • Its shape makes it fast and easy to control
  • Features extra layer on rails and center
  • Suitable for all water surfaces
  • Round tail
  • Pin nose
  • Anti-slip EVA foam on board surface
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Bungee cords in front and back for securing cargo in place
  • 2 steel D-rings
  • Three-piece fiberglass paddle with a 40% carbon content
  • Weight: 9.6 kg
  • Capacity: 324 L
  • Max load capacity: 160 kg
  • Dimensions: 350 x 78.8 cm
  • Material: 2 layers of PVC
  • Thickness: 15 cm
  • Comes with leash, Stream 40 paddle, pump, backpack, 8” fin, belt for attaching leash, repair kit

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Product parameters

Category For adventurers, All around
Board dimensions 350 x 79
Weight limit 160 kg
Board length 350 cm
Board width 78.80 cm
Board thickness 15 cm
Volume 324 l
Number of accessories 7
Weight 9.60 kg
Maximum number of users 1 adult + 1 child
Material PVC
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