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Treadmill with Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline Tongu - SPECIAL OFFER

Unique motorless treadmill with free-standing pull-up bar, parallel bars and improvised workout bench! A space-saving solution for a versatile home workout!

Unique motorless treadmill with free-standing pull-up bar, parallel bars and improvised workout bench! A space-saving solution for a versatile home workout! more »

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Treadmill with Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline Tongu

Would you like to improve your fitness on a treadmill but could also use a pull-up bar to relieve your back pain? Or would like to do some sit-ups and have a washboard stomach? Or maybe push-ups or some parallel bar exercises wouldn’t be a bad idea? Don’t worry! The Treadmill with Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline Tongu allows you to do all of the above… and it’s just one machine!

Suitable for both running and walking, the motorless running belt can be adjusted to 3 different positions. On the opposite side, there are padded parallel bars with two different grips. Above them, there is a height-adjustable pull-up bar (which also has two different grips). But that’s not all! When the running belt is inclined, it can serve as a bench (thanks to padded footrests on the bottom). You might also appreciate the handles that allow you to do push-ups when the running belt is inclined.   

The Treadmill with Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline Tongu is more than just a treadmill. It is a well-equipped home gym that allows you to exercise your legs, arms, core and back. And the best part is that it can be used by two people at the same time. 


Exercise at your own pace

Motorless treadmills have running belts that are put into motion by the action of the user – no motor, no display, no adjustments. It is entirely up to you how fast you are going to run/walk. The resistance can be  easily and fluently adjusted with a regulation knob on the right side of the frame. The running belt can be adjusted into 3 different positions.  


5-in-1 pull-up bar

On the opposite side, there is a padded pull-up bar with two different grips that allows you to exercise your back and shoulders. The height of the pull-up bar can be adjusted into 5 positions (195 – 215 cm), making it suitable for users of all heights.


No muscle will be left untrained

Another great feature is the parallel bars with two different grips and padded footrests that allow you to exercise not only your pecs, but also your arm muscles, deltoids and abs.


A few more tweaks

Apart from the height-adjustable pull-up bar, you can also fold both the parallel bars and running belt and secure them in place (depending on what you want to do). Since each and every side of the Treadmill with Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline Tongu can be used, you may have to move it once in a while. And while this might be a problem with a regular pull-up bar, this machine has wheels at the bottom of the running belt that allow you to turn the frame over (in a collapsed position) and move it.


Time to improvise

The strategically placed padded handles allow you to turn the running belt into an exercise bench! And while it might be a little unconventional, it is a perfect solution when you live in a small apartment, want to do push-ups but don’t want to buy a regular bench. You can adjust the handles to your height (5 positions). But don’t forget to set the resistance to max if you don’t want to slide all the way down during the workout.



Key features:

  • Revolutionary treadmill that allows you to walk, do push-ups and also sit-ups
  • Suitable for running, walking and walking uphill
  • Can be used by two users at the same time
  • Manual resistance adjustment with fluent regulation
  • Use: motorless running belt, parallel bars, multi-purpose pull-up bar, workout bench
  • Manual incline (3 positions):
    • Position 1: 17% (10°)
    • Position 2: 19% (11°)
    • Position 3: 22% (12.5°)
  • Height-adjustable pull-up bar (5 positions):
    • Position 1: 195 cm
    • Position 2: 200 cm
    • Position 3: 205 cm
    • Position 4: 210 cm
    • Position 5: 215 cm
  • Distance between inner grips: 42 cm
  • Footrests allow you to use running belt as workout bench
  • Pull-up bar with 2 different grips
  • Handles for push-ups
  • Adjustable handles for sit-ups (5 positions)
  • Parallel bars and running belt can be folded up and secured in place
  • Safety brake (lever)

Technical description:

Engine power


Running area dimensions

132 x 43 cm

Running area incline


Number of incline positions

Maximum incline

12.5° ( 22%)


user regulated, fluent regulation

Suitable for walking

yes, no restrictions

Overall number of programs


Preset programs


User programs


HRC program


Manual program


Heart rate monitor


Water bottle holder


Tablet holder


Transportation wheels


Uneven surface adjustment




Safety brake


HR belt receiver


HR belt included


Audio input




Overall dimensions

Height 222 x width 122 x length 210 cm

Collapsed dimensions

Height 194 x width 76 x length 135 cm

Weight limit

130 kg


100.5 kg

Power source



HC (EN957)



Extended warranty applies to this product.

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Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, inSPORTline Fitness Coach

Regular training improves your physical fitness, helps you lose weight and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

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Exercised body areas:

Treadmill with Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline Tongu - Documents to download

pdf User manual

Treadmill with Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline Tongu - Product parameters

Weight limit
130 kg
Deck inclination
Number of incline levels
Maximum incline
Running deck length
132 cm
Running deck width
43 cm
Suitable for walking
Total number of programs
Number of preset programs
User programs
HRC program
Manual mode
Heart rate frequency sensors
Bottle holder
Tablet holder
Transport wheels
System for adjusting to uneven surface
Safety key
Chest strap receiver
Chest strap included
Audio jack
Folding frame
Height when unfolded
222 cm
Width when unfolded
122 cm
Length when unfolded
210 cm
Height when folded
194 cm
Width when folded
76 cm
Length when folded
135 cm
Treadmill type
Without motor
100.50 kg
Power Source
HC (EN957)
Intended use

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