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Skipping Rope inSPORTline JR5315

A plastic skipping rope, adjustable length, ergonomic handles.

A plastic skipping rope, adjustable length, ergonomic handles. more »

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Skipping Rope inSPORTline JR5315

Skipping Rope inSPORTline JR5315 is a great gymnastics accessory for a variety of condition exercises, the most common being jumping rope. By jumping a rope, you exercise your legs while stimulating your cardiovascular, respiratory and thermoregulation system. This simple, yet extremely effective exercise forces you to breath regularly and significantly improves the mobility of your joints. The handles of Skipping Rope inSPORTline JR5315 are ergonomically shaped foam while the rope is made of PVC.

Technical description:

  • A skipping rope for various condition training, breathing exercises and joint exercises
  • Ergonomically shaped handles
  • The PVC rope ensures ideally smooth movement
  • The rope can be shortened as necessary
  • Rope length: 290 cm
  • Made of materials safe for human health

Exercised body areas:

Skipping Rope inSPORTline JR5315 - Product parameters

290 cm
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