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inSPORTline jump rope JR5315

Top skipping rope for the most effective training with a leather cord and bearings

Top skipping rope for the most effective training with a leather cord and bearings

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inSPORTline jump rope JR5315

Skipping rope has been a permanent accessory for gymnactic and it can be used to perform many types of fitness exercises, the most common is then jumping over a spinning rope. By pursuing this exercise you strengthen your leg muscles dynamically while developing and strengthening the internal organs, circulation, breathing and thermoregulatory systems. This simple but most effective exercise makes you breathe regularly, and contributes significantly to the improvement of joint mobility. Handles of the skipping rope are made of soft and ergonomically designed foam and the rope is made of genuine leather. This rope is fastened to the bearing located inside the handle and ensures a perfectly smooth movement during jumps.

Technical description:

  • Handles of soft and ergonomically-shaped foam, moisture-resistant
  • Leather rope provides an ideal smooth movement while jumping
  • Rope attached by bearings located in handles
  • Length: 275 cm
  • Made of non-toxic materials

Exercised body areas:

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290 cm

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