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Men’s Moto Jeans PMJ Dallas - SPECIAL OFFER

Complete CE jeans, AAA certification according to EN 17092-2, wider cut, trendy worn look, Twaron®, designed and made in Italy.

Complete CE jeans, AAA certification according to EN 17092-2, wider cut, trendy worn look, Twaron®, designed and made in Italy. more »

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Men’s Moto Jeans PMJ Dallas

The Men’s Moto Jeans PMJ Dallas are modern and fully certified motorcycle jeans in which you don't have to worry about falling. Well, not that they would make you immortal, but they are the best jeans we can offer you. The idea behind it was to make your trousers so you can enjoy motorcycle riding while feeling safe. At the same time, you will also feel good about what you are wearing and look great even when walking.

The Men’s Moto Jeans PMJ Dallas are made of the combination of the 12.5oz (375g/m2) heavy weight elastic cotton and 100% Twaron, which is five times stronger than steel, resistant to puncture, has low flammability, high thermal resistance and is used to make bulletproof vests. The wide fit and casual worn out look only add to the spectacular design of these pants.

Key properties:

pants as a whole - material and protectors - meet the EN 17092 standard with the best result AAA - highly durable protective clothing for rought conditions
meet EU legislative requirements

PU hip pad protectors Knox, removable, meeting EN 1621-1 with AAA result

PU knee pads complying with EN 1621-1 (removable and height adjustable from the outside)

ready for Zero-Shock protectors
100% Twaron - durable ballistic fabric

material resistance 8 seconds against abrasion - meet EN 13595-2 abrasion resistance level 2

tests to determine puncture and cut resistance according to EN 13595-4 and tear, strength of material and seams according to EN 13595-3 have been complied with at level 2

for men

Technical description:

  • Anatomically shaped knees
  • 4 pockets, 1 small pocket
  • Worn out design
  • Wide fit makes them suitable for people with wider thighs
  • Material: elastic cotton 12.5oz (375g/m2), 100% Twaron
  • Designed and made in Italy

Size chart:

  30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44
Waist circumference 82.8 86.8 90.8 94.8 98.8 102.8 106.8 110.8
Hip circumference 100.8 104.8 108.8 112.8 116.8 120.8 124.8 128.8
Thigh circumference 66.2 68.6 71 73.4 75.8 78.2 80.6 83
Knee circumference 48.8 50 51.2 52.4 53.6 54.8 56 57.2
Inseam length 83.6 84.6 85.6 85.6 85.6 85.6 85.6 85.6

You will learn how to properly take care of motorcycle clothing in our guide.

Men’s Moto Jeans PMJ Dallas - Product parameters

Jacket zipper connection
Cotton, Twaron
Reflective features
Removable protectors

Men’s Moto Jeans PMJ Dallas - video

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