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How to Care for Your Moto Clothing

W-TEC motorcycle clothing is made of high-quality materials. However, these materials need to be properly cared for to maintain their protective attributes. Remember, careful maintenance is an essential part of using moto clothes. This guide will tell you how to care for both leather and textile materials.

CAUTION: Make sure you remove all protectors before you start cleaning your clothes.

Textile material maintenance

Textile motorcycle clothes are relatively easy to clean, especially when compared to leather. Even so, read carefully the enclosed instructions - your clothes may be made of newly developed materials that require special care.

  • The best way to clean textile is to handwash it in a dilution of suitable detergent and warm water. If the staining is more significant, you can use a machine wash, but only at the maximum water temperature of 30°C (WARNING: Don’t use fabric softeners or similar products under any circumstances. It could disrupt the fabric’s water resistance.) There may be a special permeable membrane for vapour transmission. If that’s the case, use special washing products. After you wash the clothes, make sure all soap has been removed.

  • After washing, leave the clothes dry at a room temperature, away from any sources of heat and direct sunlight. Either hang the clothes to dry or spread them out on the floor and turn them over approximately halfway through the process. After the clothes are dry, apply an impregnation spray for textile products to preserve its water resistance.

  • Never use high-pressure cleaner washers to clean motorcycle clothes.

Leather maintenance

Leather moto clothes are made of strong and durable leather that has a very fashionable look. Clothing made of quality leather will last a long time, but only if you maintain it regularly and carefully. Leather basically behaves the same way as your own skin would – if it’s too dry, it becomes brittle and cracks; if it’s too moist, the material softens and looses its protective qualities. That’s why leather clothes need to be kept clean, embalmed and supple. Leather is also sensitive to strong chemicals, so you’d better make sure you are using the correct cleaning products.

  • To clean leather clothes, use either a special cleaning product mixed with lukewarm water or a mild dilution of soap. Use a sponge to apply and remove the cleaning solution. Carefully move the sponge along the surface, ideally in a circular motion. Be careful not to soak the leather through. Concentrate your efforts especially on the area around stitches and air vents since that is where dirt tends to concentrate the most. If you have trouble getting to places that are difficult to reach with the sponge, use cotton buds soaked in your chosen cleaning solution. If there is a greater amount of amassed dirt, let it dry and then remove it with a fine brush or a gel. Only then proceed according to the instructions above.

  • Let the clothes dry at a steady temperature, away from any sources of heat or direct sunlight. Either let the clothes hang or spread them on the floor. Turn them over approximately halfway through the process. It is recommended to let the leather dry for an extended period of time, preferably through the night. The leather has to be dry, because the softening solution you will apply afterwards will not get absorbed if there is any moisture left. Do not try to speed up the drying process in any way.

  • Once the leather dries, it becomes hard and needs to be conditioned. It is important to choose a good product for this purpose. You can use a special spray, paste or leather grease. Apply your chosen product according to the enclosed instructions. Carefully rub it into the leather, using either your fingers or a soft cloth. Pay extra attention to stitching since that’s where leather gets damaged most often. Let the conditioner be thoroughly absorbed by the leather. Once everything is dry and absorbed, run a cloth along the entire surface and gently polish it.

  • If you want your leather clothes to retain their water resistance, you have to regularly impregnate them. After applying your chosen impregnation product, wash it carefully out with lukewarm water.

Combined materials

Now you know how to care for both your textile and leather moto clothes. But how to proceed when you want to clean clothes that are made of both? The solution is rather simple. Follow the instructions above. Focus first on the leather parts, and then on the textile material. Finally, let the clothes dry completely.

General care and maintenance information

Textile moto clothingLeather moto clothing
Wash at 30 °C maximum. Do not wash.
Do not iron. Do not iron.
Do not tumble dry. Do not tumble dry.
Do not dry clean. Do not dry clean.
Do not bleach. Do not bleach.

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