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How to Choose Motorcycle Clothing?

Motorcycle clothing serves as an expression of a motorcyclist’s style. However, its main function is to provide protection against weather elements and during accidents. There are countless brands and types of motorcycle clothing.

Pick Out Motorcycle Clothing Along with Your Helmet:

  • Motorcycle jackets (men’s and women’s) – original, safe and functional, made of high-quality waterproof and abrasion resistant materials, with reflective bands for better visibility in the dark
  • Motorcycle vests – reflective (to ensure your visibility), provide protection (during a fall) or a warm layer under your clothes
  • Motorcycle trousers – maximum protection thanks to functional materials, reflective bands and enforced areas
  • Motorcycle boots (high or ankle height) – for comfortable and safe movement on the motorcycle, made of top-quality materials and meeting the highest European standards
  • Motorcycle thermal wear – essential if you want to ride in cold weather, maintains optimal body temperature, available models from multiple brands, made in various colours, types (i.e. the merino wool) and sizes
  • Motorcycle jerseys – made of high-quality materials, highly durable, even under extreme conditions
  • Motorcycle gloves (men’s, women’s and children’s) – for motocross, quad bikes, road motorcycles; can even be heated
  • Motorcycle jumpsuits – functional, permeable, abrasion resistant and yet comfortable, usually consisting of a motorcycle jacket and pants that can be also used separately
  • Motorcycle balaclavas – this category includes motorcycle, multi-purpose and special thermally insulated balaclavas, as well as motorcycle neck warmers for face protection and separate protective collars

Important things to consider when picking out motorcycle clothing:

When buying motorcycle clothing, look for:

  • Waterproof jackets and trousers with reflective bands for better visibility
  • Double-layered clothing with thermal lining and wind protection, if you intend to ride in cold weather
  • Safety features and protectors – you can buy back protectors separately

When you are choosing motorcycle clothing, ask yourself one question first: Do you want clothing made of leather or textile? There are advantages and disadvantages to both materials. The general rule is that leather motorcycle clothing is suitable for sports and racing motorcycles (jumpsuits or sets), while textile clothing is better for touring, enduro riding and scooters.

Leather Motorcycle Clothing

Experts consider leather motorcycle clothing to be safer than textile clothing. Integrated protectors will hold more securely on leather, which is something to appreciate, especially if you fall on tarmac. The price for better safety is a certain amount of discomfort, noticeable especially when riding through rain or for a long time.

Textile Motorcycle Clothing

Textile motorcycle clothing is undoubtedly more comfortable than leather clothing and the modern materials will protect you from both wind and water. However, for your safety, it is important you keep your protectors secured as tightly as possible, so that they stay in the proper place. If you prefer lose motorcycle trousers and jackets, you need to take into account their lower protection attributes.

Motorcycle Thermal Wear

No motorcyclist can do without comfortable thermal wear that will provide him with:

  • Sweat release, permeability and cooling, when it’s hot
  • Sweat release, permeability and warmth, when it’s cold

What’s more, these clothes are nonallergic, mildew and bacteria resistant, very light and comfortable to wear. For practical purposes, it is recommended to have two-piece clothing – thermal shirt and underwear (especially for women).

Thermal wear made of merino wool is very popular among motorcyclists nowadays. Merino wool, notable for its thermoregulation attributes, is comfortable to the touch, odour resistant and doesn’t scratch.

Pick clothes that will suit your needs the most

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