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Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum

Sturdy structure, timeless design, compatible with apps, safety features, number of programs, flywheel in front.

Sturdy structure, timeless design, compatible with apps, safety features, number of programs, flywheel in front. more »

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Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum

The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum is a professional elliptical trainer with a timeless futuristic design. Unlike other elliptical trainers, this one has the flywheel in the front, making the movement more dynamic and natural. The unique-colored sturdy structure with the 51cm stride length, 26.5cm pedal spacing and 14.5kg flywheel makes this elliptical unique. You may also appreciate sturdy rails along which the large footboards move. Therefore, it not only saves energy but also eliminates cables. The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum features a large LCD display and a computer with a number of functions and programs, such as time, distance, heart rate, resistance level (40 levels), calories burned, WATT program and metabolism measuring. As far as programs are concerned, the Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum features 4 preset programs, 2 HRC programs that work based on the preset hear rate, 2 user programs and also a manual program. The preset programs include for example the Performance mode, Weight Loss mode and Random Difficult profile. The computer and display are easy-to-use for people of all ages. The large numbers are clearly visible even in the dark. Last but not least, this elliptical trainer also features an audio cable hole.

The anti-slip footboards (with a strap that secures the foot in place, thus preventing it from slipping off), speakers and anti-slip handles with a control panel provide safety and comfort. A bottle and tablet/phone holders, transportation wheels for easy carrying and the uneven surface adjustment system are a must.

Those who own tablets with Android/Apple iOS operating systems will appreciate the FitConsole app which monitors and records individual sessions (including date, time and statistics). The second app, Google Map-based Run On Earth, requires internet connection. This app allows you to run under the Eiffel Tower, in the streets of London and/or around your neighbor’s house. You can find all the app info in the instruction manual.

The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum features an own energy generator with a battery without necessity to be connected in the power source while used. The energy arises during exercising. One of its advantages is the elimination of many wires. It spares energy and is environmentally friendly. The battery should not be discharged for longer than 30 days. At least once a month it must be charged by the generator. The charging cycle takes 6 hours.


Key features:

  • Professional elliptical trainer with futuristic design
  • Sturdy frame, front flywheel
  • possibility to use several applications:
    • FitConsole download for iOS (8.1 and higher)
    • Track on Earth download for  iOS (9.0 and higher)
    • FitConsole Smart download for Android (5.0 and higher) and Bluetooth 4.0
    • Track on Earth download for Android (8.0 and higher) and Bluetooth 4.0
    • FitConsole download for Android (4.0 and higher) and Bluetooth lower than 4.0
    • Run on Earth and Tread Monitor download for iOS (6.0 and higher)
    • Run on Earth download for Android (4.0 and higher) a Bluetooth lower than 4.0
    • test application compatibility with your mobile device beforehand
  • Large anti-slip footboards (with a strap that secures the foot in place, thus preventing it from slipping off)
  • Number of programs (40 resistance levels)
  • Clear and intuitive LED display
  • Own energy generator
  • WATT program: the machine increases or decreases the resistance so that the user performs the set performance (for example, increases the resistance when reducing the pedaling)
  • HRC program: this machine can increase or decrease the resistance to keep your heart rate in optimal heart rate zone
  • Computer displays: time, distance, heart rate, resistance level, performance (WATT), pulse and metabolism, calories burned and program.

Technical description:

Flywheel weight


Resistance operation


Number of resistance modes


Pedal spacing


Stride length


Number of modes


Preset programs


User programs


HRC program


WATT program


Manual program


Heart rate monitor


Tablet holder


Bottle holder


HR belt receiver


HR belt included


Transportation wheels


Uneven surface adjustment



Height-172 x width-63 x length-214cm

Maximum user height

No restrictions

Weight limit




Brake system



Ball bearings

Power source

Own energy generator


SA (EN957)


Commercial, club, home

Note: Device does not include fan on the display.

Extended warranty applies to this product.

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Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, inSPORTline Fitness Coach

Regular training improves your physical fitness, helps you lose weight and strengthens your cardiovascular system.

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Exercised body areas:

Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum - Documents to download


Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline Galicum - Product parameters

Flywheel weight (kg)
14.50 kg
Flywheel Placement
Stride length
51 cm
Step width
8 cm
Weight limit (kg)
150 kg
Resistance regulation
Resistance levels
Braking system
Magneto-electric EMS
Ball bearings
Transport wheels
Compensating for uneven floor
Handlebar heart rate sensors
Maximum user height
No limit
Dimensions when fully assembled
214 x 63 x 173 cm
88 kg
Usage category
Commercial use
Chest strap

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