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How to Exercise with an Elliptical Trainer?

How to correctly exercise with an elliptical trainer:

  • The first important requirement is that you have a properly functioning elliptical trainer!
  • It is important to find and adjust the trainer to the most suitable exercise position – especially the stride length
  • Before you start, it’s good to do a quick warm-up and a few stretching exercises
  • When exercising with an ergometer, you can select one of the pre-set programs
  • When exercising with a manually controlled elliptical trainer, you should start the training with lower resistance
  • After you warm your muscles up, you can set the resistance higher
  • At the end of the training, set the resistance lower again to relax your muscles
  • The duration of the exercise is important to the desired effect – you start burning fats (aerobic muscle metabolism) after 20-40 minutes of exercising
  • FIT – F = exercise frequency 3-5 times a week, I = exercise intensity 60-90% of maximum heart rate frequency, T = duration of the exercise 20-60 minutes
  • After the training, it is recommended to do a few cool-down exercises to calm your heart rate and relax your muscles
  • There are two ways to use an elliptical trainer – engage your entire body by grabbing the moving handlebars or engage only your lower limbs by holding onto the handgrips in front of you
  • Most elliptical trainers allow you to move in reverse – for better coordination of movement and more effective muscle exercise
  • Elliptical trainers do not have idling so you need to let the trainer stop by itself!

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