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Vertical vibrations, exercise time and vibration intensity setting, wide grips, anti-slip surface.

Vertical vibrations, exercise time and vibration intensity setting, wide grips, anti-slip surface.

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inSPORTline Lilly Vibration Machine

Vibration Machine inSPORTline Lilly offers a great way to exercise your muscles. Its function is based on vibrations that cause your muscles to flex reflexively, making exercising more intense. All you need to get an immediate result are 5 minutes of standing on the machine with your knees slightly bent. With this machine, you can exercise your entire body. All exercises are described in detail in the user’s manual. The machine is able to calculate the fat percentage of your body based on input data about your height, weight, age and gender. In the manual, you’ll find a detailed table that will help you correctly interpret the results. Vibration Machine inSPORTline Lilly is suitable for home use only.

Main advantages:

  • modern design
  • vertical vibrations for effectively exercising you muscles
  • helps you quickly and effectively shape your figure and lose weight
  • thanks to the vibrations, exercises will be up to three times more effective
  • special massage pad with adhesive grooving stimulates blood circulation, relieves the tension in your muscles and massages your feet, hands, thighs or back
  • helps you quickly recover and regenerate after a physical strain, sports activity or an exercise
  • the machine is especially suitable for the initial or last phase of training
  • it can also be used to help relieve rheumatism and other problems with your bones or joints (only after consulting your GP though)
  • stimulates your blood circulation
  • improves balance and coordination
  • effectively helps you fight cellulitis
  • helps relieve stress
  • increases production of the growth hormone

Technical description:

  • vertical vibrations
  • motor output: 300 W
  • vibrations frequency: 0–25 Hz
  • 20 vibration levels
  • amplitude: 1-10 mm
  • LED display
  • computer displays: program, time and speed
  • the surface is made of rubber pad with adhesive grooving
  • exercise time and vibration intensity settings
  • exercise instructions part of the manual
  • vibration deck dimensions: l53 x w38 cm
  • dimensions: l67 x w55 x h121 cm
  • weight limit: 120 kg
  • weight: 35 kg
  • suitable for home use

Extended warrantyRozšířená záruka 5 let

Toned body parts:

InSPORTline Vibration Machine is successfully used in Czech “Studio 40” by MUDr. Monika Oslizlová for recovery, reduction of overweight and relaxation of sportsmen.
MUDr. Oslizlová
- Look at the examples of the vibration machine workout

inSPORTline Lilly Vibration Machine - Documents to download

pdf Manual EN
pdf Brochure

inSPORTline Lilly Vibration Machine - Product parameters

Vibrating area size
53 x 38 cm
Weight limit (kg)
120 kg
Vibration frequency
0 - 25
Vibration type
Number of vibration speeds
Compensating for uneven floor
Computer Control
Dimensions when fully assembled
67 x 55 x 121
35 kg
Usage category
Home use

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