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Yoga Set inSPORTline Advanced

Set includes gym mat, stretch band, yoga block, and yoga roller.

Set includes gym mat, stretch band, yoga block, and yoga roller.

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Yoga Set inSPORTline Advanced

Yoga Set inSPORTline Advanced is a set for intermediate and advanced practitioners. Instead of a non-stretch band, the set features an elastic stretch band divided into 8 sections according to the resistance level, yoga block of size M for more intensive training, comfortable and easy-to-maintain gym mat, and a yoga roller Prymeo, which can be used for yoga exercises as well as a massage or balance roller.

Yoga Set inSPORTline Advanced includes:

  • Comfortable inSPORTline Yoga gym mat
  • inSPORTline Morpo Spant stretch band for stretching
  • inSPORTline Bricky size M yoga block
  • inSPORTline Prymeo yoga roller for advanced exercises

Aerobic Gym Mat inSPORTline Yoga 173x60x0.5cm is suitable especially for aerobic and yoga training, but can be used for other sports as well. The mat is light, easy to store & carry and highly versatile. Available in various colors.

Technical description:

  • Made of 100% polyethylene
  • Dimensions: L 173 x W 60 x H 0.5 cm
  • Weight: 1080 g
  • Harmless material

Elastic Stretch Band inSPORTline Morpo Spant is an essential exercise equipment for all lovers of yoga, power yoga, pilates and similar forms of training. It can be used as a stretching tool for various types of exercises or to make difficult stretch exercises easier. The expander is made of a combination of nylon, spandex and polyester, which guarantees that it retains the shape, length and elasticity even after long-term use. It is divided into 8 sections which vary in resistance level. Moreover, the band offers the chart of 14 simple example exercises over the entire length. All these features make Elastic Stretch Band inSPORTline Morpo Spant popular among yoga, power yoga and pilates enthusiasts.  

Technical description:

  • Rubber yoga expander
  • Divided into 8 sections with different resistance
  • 14 exercise illustrations over the entire length
  • Material: nylon, spandex, polyester
  • Length: 90 cm
  • Width: 5 cm
  • Resistance: 6 kg

Yoga Block inSPORTline Bricky M is a practical equipment for yoga exercise, sometimes known as a yoga brick, which is used especially for the stretching of arms, legs and back and for getting into positions which would not be possible without it. It can be used as a tool for increasing exercise intensity and variability. The yoga block is also suitable for pregnant women, who want to exercise and need an extra support. The block is made of EVA material, which makes it firm and stiff, yet lightweight and smooth on touch. All these features make Yoga Block inSPORTline Bricky popular among yoga lovers.

Technical description:

  • Yoga brick
  • Firm, pleasant material
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Suitable for stretching, improving exercise variability and balance
  • Material: EVA
  • Dimensions: 10x15x22.5cm
  • Weight: 118g

Yoga Roller inSPORTline Prymeo is used especially for pilates, yoga and core training and full-body workouts. Due to the foam surface pattern the roller can also be used for muscle relaxation, deep massages or stabilization exercises. Besides usual exercises this roller can be used for strengthening the middle part of the body (core) to stabilize muscles in the area of upper body and pelvis. Training on Yoga Roller inSPORTline Prymeo helps to relieve stress, muscle tension and imbalance. This training method leads to back and joint pain relief and body toning.

Technical description:

  • Made of harmless material
  • Special surface pattern
  • Improves coordination
  • Reduces stress, muscle tension and imbalance
  • Helps to relieve back and joint pain

Recommended by Petr Kopřiva, the inSPORTline coach:

Strengthening your stabilization muscles will help you reduce longterm back pain.

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