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CE certified airbag fully inflated in 100ms, removable SAS-TEC back protector, Cordura, waterproof HUMAX membrane.

CE certified airbag fully inflated in 100ms, removable SAS-TEC back protector, Cordura, waterproof HUMAX membrane.

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Airbag Jacket Helite Touring Textile

Airbag Jacket Helite Touring is 4in1 textile motorcycle jacket providing riders with a revolutionary level of protection. The main advantage is the presence of inflatable airbag system, which can absorb impacts on the upper body and ensures effective dispersion of energy. Potential head impacts will occur in lower speed and with delay, thus head will be protected against traumatic brain injury. Moreover, the head and spine will stay fixed in a natural upright position so that neck vertebras can’t get injured by hyperflexion. The jacket is also equipped with a back protector which acts like a turtle shell. The result is increased protection against tearing and full dispersion of force over the surface. The airbag itself is genuinely integrated into the jacket to look like a standard motorcycle textile jacket. As far as comfort is concerned, the jacket features ventilation system, waterproof yet breathable HUMAX membrane and, last but not least, adjustable waist and wrist circumference. Practicality is ensured by multiple pockets. Airbag Jacket Helite Touring will be appreciated mainly by conscientious riders who search for a high level of safety.

The Helite company was founded in 2002 by Gerard Thevenot. He was one of French innovators in the fly industry. The brand success is based on experienced staff and perfect constructional solutions. Development and production take place in Dijon. Each product features its own production number and goes through initial and final check. Used material excel in the best quality, including the airbag, hardened striker, buckle, hardened plastic with nylon and cartridge with great CO2 volume (45g of CO2 by pressure 60 bars, individually tested for 110°C).

We offer service consultation or possible air bag checking after an accident. If it is irreparable, we offer a new air-bag jacket 21% cheaper.

Technical description:

  • 4in1 jacket
  • CE certified airbag system
  • Huge impact absorbing airbag
  • Fully inflated in 100ms
  • CE certified removable SAS-TEC back protector
  • CE certified KNOX shoulder and elbow protectors
  • Perfect protection of neck area
  • Waterproof, windproof, breathable and durable HUMAX membrane
  • Reflective applications
  • 4 ventilation holes with zippers
  • Removable insulation liner (100% polyester)
  • Soft neck collar
  • Adjustable wrist circumference
  • Waist fasteners
  • Many inner and outer pockets
  • Material: Cordura (highly resistant to mechanical damage, washable)
  • Integrated CO2 cartridge with pull cord
  • CO2 cartridge size: 60ccm

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Airbag Jacket Helite Touring Textile - Product parameters

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