Workout and Dumbbells for High-End Home Gyms

Are you looking for sturdy and durable equipment for a large home gym? Are you looking for comfort and high quality while exercising? Take a look...

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Olympic Barbell inSPORTline BS11
607,10 € (39%) 373,10 
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Unique set consisting of 220 cm-long Olympic barbell, 140 kg worth of cast iron weight … Buy
Permanently low price
Barbell with Bearings inSPORTline OLYMPIC OB-86 PCMC
368,60 € (32%) 251,60 
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50mm in diameter, suitable for cross-training and circuit training, high-quality … Buy
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Push Up Bars inSPORTline Push Up Stand
21,60 € (39%) 13,10 
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Bars for more effective push ups, anti-slip caps, foam grips. Buy
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Ab Roller inSPORTline AR1000
76,10 € (41%) 44,60 
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Accessory for an effective full body workout, sturdy design, high-quality material, … Buy
10-year warranty
Multi-Purpose Bench inSPORTline Bastet
In Stock
Bench for chest exercises with a Scott station for isolated biceps exercises and upper … Buy
10-year warranty
Home Gym inSPORTline ProfiGym C100
  1 349,60 
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150kg weight limit, 75kg weights, power rack, isolated bicep workout, upper pulley, … Buy
Adjustable Dumbbell Set inSPORTline 2 x 3-10 kg
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Adjustable dumbbell set, anti-slip grip, safety collars, threaded bar. Buy
Medicine Ball inSPORTline MB63 - 5kg
In Stock
Rubber ball with the ability to jump, rubber ball with anti-slip surface for a firm … Buy
Exercise Bag with Handles inSPORTline Fitbag Camu 25kg
In Stock
Multifunctional exercise bag, 7 strong handles allows for variety of exercises, … Buy
Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline LCR-1116
In Stock
High-quality chrome-coated wall-mounted pull-up bar with 8 grips, anti-slip. Buy
Multi-Purpose Parallel Bars inSPORTline Push Up PU1000
In Stock
Workout training equipment, 2 pcs, exercising while using your own weight, … Buy
Battle Rope inSPORTline WaveRope 5cm x 15m
In Stock
Dynamic strength, endurance, rhythm and balance development; both outdoor and indoor … Buy
Rubber-Coated Olympic Weight Plate Set inSPORTline Herk OL 2x1.25-25 kg
  1 151,60 
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The set includes weight plate pairs of the following sizes: 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20 … Buy