Snowshoes and Snow Shovels

Are you planning an excursion to the mountains? Snowshoes and snow shovels are an essential equipment for such endeavours. Snow shovels will come in handy while climbing, ski mountaineering or freeriding. Snowshoes will help you conquer even the most demanding terrains. When it comes to quality and selection, the Ferrino brand never fails to deliver.

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Snow Shovel FERRINO Dozer
48,70 € (31%) 33,60 
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Duralumin snow shovel, telescopic handle, ergonomic handle grip, corrugated blade.
Snow Shovel FERRINO Storm 1
41,10 € (10%) 36,90 
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Lightweight snow shovel, durable material, telescopic handle, ergonomic handle grip.
Children’s Snowshoes FERRINO Baldas Baby
56,60 € (10%) 50,90 
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Children’s snowshoes with free heel, crampons for better stability, extremely …
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Snowshoes FERRINO Baldas Pinter Castor - Grey-Lime
109,10 € (10%) 98,10 
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Large base, built-in heel, jagged bottom, number of crampons, lightweight.
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Snowshoes FERRINO Baldas Lys Castor Special
134 € (16%) 112,80 
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Large base, built-in heel, number of crampons, easy put-on, handle for carrying.
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Snowshoes FERRINO Baldas Miage Castor - Red
164,20 € (10%) 147,10 
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Modern snowshoes with large base, high quality materials, built-in heel, jagged …