Pumps and Pressure Gauges

To inflate a paddleboard, you need a special pump, usually with two modes. One for inflating the paddleboard and the other for additional inflation before using it. The pump takes in more air than usual pumps, making the inflating of your paddleboard last only a few minutes.

Use a pressure gauge to find out if you have inflated the paddleboard to the required amount of pressure.

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Electric Pump Aqua Marina
159,60 € (9%) 145,10 
In Stock
12V electric pump with car battery clips, inflow: 500 l/min, carry bag.
Maximum pressure
0.8 bar
Number of modes
Air inlet
500 l/min
Manometer Aqua Marina Jombo
In Stock
Attaching to a pump handle, manometer up to 2 Bar, suitable for Aqua …
Maximum pressure
2 bar
Paddleboard Pump Jobe Double Action
In Stock
Paddleboard pump, two modes, long durability, transport bag.
Maximum pressure
1.86 bar
Number of modes
Pressure gauge included