Insoles for Healthy Gait

A person walks approximately 3.5 km a day and our legs are often overstrained. That’s especially true with sports and other endurance activities. IRONMAN products will help you with relieving fatigue, and preventing calluses, blisters and other problems.

You can choose from a special selection of sports insoles, as well as regular insoles for everyday use. After trying them, you’ll feel relaxed, comfortable and your legs will regenerate better. After a long-term use, you’ll see for yourselves how such a trivial thing can solve a great amount of problems. 

Heated Insoles W-TEC Ondrejnik
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Practical heated insoles, easy to use, high-capacity battery, suitable for sports, … Buy
Heated Insoles Glovii GW2
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Heated insoles, remote control, long life battery, suitable for sports, hiking and … Buy