Heated Clothes and Accessories

Heated clothing presents a great way to keep yourself warm even in the most freezing weather. Be it heated gloves, vests, caps or socks, they’ll hold off the cold and keep you comfortable. Clothes with heating are ideal for winter sports, motorcycle riding or hiking, but also as a casual wear, even at home when you are cold during the winter months.

The heat is generated through carbon fibres or Novaheat heating elements. Both technologies offer several levels of heating, so everyone can choose according to their preferences. The clothing includes a rechargeable battery or a power bank, both providing hours of uninterrupted warmth.

Heated Knee Socks Glovii GK2 - Black-Red
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Heated knee socks, powered by power bank (not included), comfortable material, … Buy
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Heated Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Glovii GJ1 - Black
138,10 € (17%) 115 
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Heated T-shirt, even heat distribution, rechargeable long life battery, suitable for … Buy
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Universal Heated Gloves Glovii GL2 - Black
130,40 € (18%) 107,30 
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Comfortable heated gloves, rechargeable long life battery, even heat distribution, … Buy
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Heated Mittens Glovii GZ1
172,70 € (29%) 122,70 
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Heated mittens, rechargeable long-life battery, even heat distribution, suitable for … Buy
Heating Waist Belt inSPORTline eHeater SE
98,40 € (17%) 81,90 
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Heating system helps maintain body temperature, effective kidney protection during … Buy
Heated Insoles Glovii GW2
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Heated insoles, remote control, long life battery, suitable for sports, hiking and … Buy