Clothing care, impregnation, cleaning products

If you use proper cleaning products, your outdoor and moto clothing will not only retain its original look, but its properties as well. That’s why you shouldn’t use regular cleaning products. To protect your clothing against adverse weather conditions, you should also use impregnation products that will repel rain and moisture. They also repel dust and dirt that would otherwise linger on the fibres. Every product is suitable for a different type of material. That’s why it’s important to carefully pick the right one. And don’t forget to care for your shoes as well. We offer a number of impregnation and cleaning products that will help your shoes to retain their original look and properties.

Impregnation for footwear and clothing Active Outdoor Spray 300 ml
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A protective mixture, prevents the penetration of moisture into the structure of the …
Wax for the treatment of leather materials Active Outdoor 75 ml
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Regeneration wax impregnation on leather materials protects against weather …
Deodorant Antibacterial Shoe Spray Topgold 150 ml
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Elimination of unpleasant smell, preventive shoe and sock care, spray.