Game Tables

In the game tables category, we’ve prepared a selection of game tables and game accessories. You will find table football and air hockey here, as well as billiards, poker tables and multi-purpose game tables combining up to 13 games and other additional accessories. Game tables WORKER and inSPORTline will come in handy especially during winter and autumn when you'll seek evening entertainment. Do you enjoy billiards, table football, air hockey, or all three? Pick a combined game table. Everyone will choose from our range of products!

Multi Game Table WORKER 4-in-1
In Stock
4 games: foosball, billiards, ping pong, hockey; 6 handles, MDF material, weight: … Buy
Multi Game Table WORKER Mini 5-in-1
In Stock
Multi-purpose game table, compact size, 5 games, solid and durable structure, … Buy
Billiards Table 3-in-1 inSPORTline Residento
In Stock
Versatile table that can be used for billiards, ping pong, board games or as a dining … Buy
WORKER Supertable 13 in 1 Game Table
In Stock
Game table 13 in 1 - Billiard, table football, air-hockey and 10 other games - all in … Buy
Folding Football Table inSPORTline Almorgan
In Stock
Foosball table for home and recreational use, stable and durable MDF frame, manual … Buy
Cue Stick inSPORTline Cuesome
In Stock
Classic two-piece pool cue with a steel joint collar. Buy
Replacement Cue Tips inSPORTline Cuesome – 5 Pcs.
In Stock
Replacement pool cue tips, quick and easy replacement, long lifespan. Buy
Pool Balls inSPORTline Sferita
In Stock
Set of 16 quality pool balls suitable for home use, restaurants, clubs or game rooms. Buy
Pool Rack inSPORTline Triatan
In Stock
Plastic pool triangle for racking 15 pool balls 57.2 mm in diameter. Buy
Football Table inSPORTline Messer
On the way
Table football for recreational and home use, stable and durable construction of MDF … Buy
Billiard Cue Chalk inSPORTline Tizato – 3 Pcs.
On the way
Set of cue chalks will increase shot accuracy, reduce mis-cues, improve ball spin by … Buy