Foldable Exercise Bikes

With foldable exercise bikes, you just need to unfold the machine, adjust the seat and start pedalling. After you're finished, you can easily fold it again so that it takes up minimum space. These exercise bikes are great for small apartments where space is tight. They can also fit into your average car so you can take them with you on holiday.

Folding Pedal Exerciser Spartan Mini Bike
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Folding mechanism, manual operation, perfect for those with sedentary jobs – helps … Buy
Folding Exercise Bike inSPORTline Xbike Light
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Ultralight exercise bike that does not take up much space! Exercise your muscles, save … Buy
Folding Exercise Bike inSPORTline Xbike Cube
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Interesting-looking lightweight and quiet exercise bike with folding mechanism! Has … Buy
Folding Exercise Bike inSPORTline Xbike
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Manual control, folding exercise bike, easy to store and move around, transport … Buy