Exercise Equipment Accessories

Accessories that will aid you in your training. In this category you’ll find exercise equipment accessories for great prices, quickly delivered to your home. Selected products have a 5-year warranty.

We offer high-quality accessories for Body Solid equipment, such as extensions, handles and pulleys. We also provide axes, dumbbell racks and floor protectors inSPORTline.

Accessories Rack inSPORTline AR01
86,10 € (19%) 69,60 
In Stock
Accessories rack with solid frame and compact size, wide legs for better stability.
105 cm
42 cm
10-year warranty
Vertical Knee Raise/Dip/Chin & Pull-Up Station Body Solid Fusion FCD
In Stock
Additional accessory for workout machines of Fusion series, soft and comfortable …
61.70 kg
10-year warranty Permanently low price
Optional Accessory for Body Craft MiniX - Upper Pulley
287,80 € (33%) 193,10 
In Stock
Robust frame, 150 kg weight limit, 63 kg in weights, simple resistance adjustment, …
10-year warranty
Leg Press Attachment Body-Solid FLP – for Fusion Home Gym
847,80 € (16%) 711,90 
In Stock
For use with Body-Solid Fusion 500 and 600 home gyms, DuraFirm seat and backrest.
Double Grip for Cable Rows inSPORTline
35,80 € (11%) 31,70 
In Stock
Adapter for a narrow double grip, anti-slip grooving. Buy
Combo Extension for Back Exercises RCB4811
46,10 € (20%) 37,10 
In Stock
Multi-purpose upper pulley extension, made of high-quality steel, easy to attach. Buy
Upper Pulley Extension 120 cm inSPORTline
44,90 € (15%) 38,30 
In Stock
Upper pulley extension for "wide back", made of high-quality material. Buy
Triceps Strap inSPORTline
13,50 € (39%) 8,20 
In Stock
Simle, yet very effective accessory for all training stations with pulleys. Buy
Triceps Rope inSPORTline
26,30 € (41%) 15,60 
In Stock
67 cm long, rubber caps, for strengthening your abs, biceps and front and lateral … Buy
Ab Crunch Harness inSPORTline
8,20 € (21%) 6,50 
In Stock
An accessory for exercising ab muscles without putting too much strain on your back … Buy
Rubber-Coated Double Grip for Cable Rows inSPORTline
44,90 € (40%) 27,10 
In Stock
An accessory for improvised cable rows and pulls, widening the exercise range of your … Buy
Curved Upper Pulley Extension
40,80 € (19%) 32,90 
In Stock
Two pairs of grips for complex biceps and triceps exercises. Buy
Straight Extension Bar 68 cm
57,20 € (29%) 40,80 
In Stock
An exercise bar for strengthening your triceps, biceps and back muscles, revolving … Buy
Straight Extension Bar
40,80 € (39%) 24,70 
In Stock
Exercise bar for strengthening your triceps, biceps and the upper half of your body, … Buy
Double Grip Extension for Seated Rows inSPORTline A462
39,90 € (28%) 28,80 
In Stock
Training adapter for a double grip, anti-slip grips, high durability, long service … Buy
V-Shaped Triceps Grip inSPORTline A441
30,80 € (20%) 24,70 
In Stock
Extremely durable, long service life, extension suitable for all training equipment. Buy
V-Shaped Triceps Grip inSPORTline A444
35,80 € (20%) 28,80 
In Stock
Pulley training extension, anti-slip grips, heavy-duty frame, highly durable, … Buy
Straight Lat Bar inSPORTline A2410
44,90 € (24%) 34,10 
In Stock
Training extension, revolving centre, multi-grip, heavy-duty frame, highly durable, … Buy
Straight Triceps Extension inSPORTline A411
24,70 € (28%) 17,70 
In Stock
Quality manufacture, high durability, revolving centre, 40 cm length, low weight. Buy